If you’re new to the world of Destiny 2, leveling up during the beginning stages isn’t that hard. You’ll easily find yourself looting various items and equipment that can help you level up until you reach power level 1200. In fact, you don’t even really need to do anything special to get to that level—you just have to keep playing the game like you normally would.

However, leveling up will only get more challenging once you reach a level past 1200. If you don’t want to rely on Destiny 2 boosting services, there’s still a way for you to reach the highest possible level efficiently. In this article, you’ll find tips and advice on what you can do to keep leveling up on Destiny 2 until you reach the highest possible level.

What Are the Three Caps?

Destiny 2 stands out from other RPG video games because you don’t level up like you normally would through fighting enemies or doing quests. Instead, you increase your power level by equipping high-level gear. The average of all the gear your character is donning determines their overall strength, so it’s important to keep equipping items that are higher than your current power level if you want to level up.

That being said, Destiny 2 has three different level caps: soft cap, hard cap, and pinnacle cap. The soft cap begins at level 1200, hard cap at 1250, and pinnacle cap at 1260. As mentioned, hitting the soft level cap won’t be a problem, but you’ll have to work much harder if you want to break into the hard cap and pinnacle cap.

Assuming that you’ve already hit the soft cap, follow the tips below to help you progress in Destiny 2:

Journeying to 1250

Once you hit the soft cap, the game will start to mellow down significantly. As soon as you reach power level 1200, earning just any gear by simply playing the game won’t cut it anymore. In order for you to increase your level at this point, you’ll have to equip powerful gear. Powerful gear is always at a higher level than your base power level, which is why your power level will increase as well once you earn and equip this powerful gear.

This type of gear has three different tiers:

  • Tier 1 adds +3 to your base power level
  • Tier 2 adds +4 or +5 to your base power level
  • Tier 3 adds +6 to your base power level

So, how do you earn powerful gear? Well, you just need to complete weekly objectives and milestones in-game. In fact, take a look at your director. You should be able to see golden marks—these are indicators of where you’ll be able to find powerful gear.

Participate in the Crucible

Destiny 2’s PvP mode is known as the Crucible, and you can earn Tier 1 rewards by participating and completing different matches every week. The Crucible has various playlists, one of which are the ‘Core Match’ playlists. These are basically game modes that you can always play. If you compete in at least four matches—even if you don’t actually win—you’ll be able to win a great reward.

Of course, there are other playlists out there with varying mechanics, so you’ll have to check them out every week in order to win Tier 1 rewards.

Complete the Bounties

If you have a quick chat with the basic vendors located at the Tower, they’ll offer you several bounties in a week. If you’re able to complete eight of those bounties, they’ll reward you with Tier 1 engrams. As such, you should make it a habit to pick up as many bounties as you possibly can to earn major rewards and benefits.

Create or join a Clan

If you’re playing Destiny 2 with your buddies, it’s highly recommended that you form a clan together. Being in a clan is a surefire way to earn valuable rewards. For instance, playing with clanmates in Nightfall, Crucible, Raid, Gambit, and other activities can earn you a Tier 1 engram.

And, if you’re able to contribute a sufficient amount of XP to the clan, you’ll receive a Tier 2 reward. This is Bungie’s way to incentivizing making friends while playing the game, and it’s one of the easiest ways you can earn great rewards.

Reaching the Final Cap

Reaching power level 1250 means that you’ve already hit the hard level cap. In other words, you can no longer rely on powerful gear to help you level up your base power level. From here on out, you’ll have to start looking for pinnacle gear, which offers more power than the powerful gear.

Once again, it will be harder for you to level up once you’ve reached this stage. This is because pinnacle gear is significantly harder to come by, and it will require a lot of time, effort, and grinding. Fortunately, there’s another way you can slowly—but surely—level up during this stage. You’ll either have to master playing Crucible or create a powerful team to participate in raids together.

Participate in Raids

As soon as you reach level 1250, this means you’re more than ready to face Destiny 2’s end-game content, which includes Raids. Raids are essentially a set of complex missions that you can only participate in if there are six Guardians overall. If you do the Deep Stone Crypt raid on a weekly basis, you can receive a Pinnacle drop at least once a week. If you keep doing this, you’ll definitely level up fast. However, the only problem is that you’ll need to gather a group of six in order to participate.

Boost Your Character With Seasonal Artifacts

Lastly, Destiny 2 has another major mechanic that can help boost your power level, and they’re known as seasonal artifacts. This gameplay mechanic allows you to increase your power level without having to use or equip high-level gear. However, you’ll need to reach level seven of Destiny 2’s season pass in order to gain access to the artifact.

Once you get your hands on it, you don’t need to do anything complex in order to benefit from it. You just have to keep playing like you normally would, and the artifact will just keep boosting your power level as you play.


If you follow these tips, reaching the hard level cap or even the pinnacle cap will be no problem. It may not be easy, as receiving high-level drops will be fewer and farther between as your level increases, but these tips will surely lead you to the right path when it comes to leveling up. It would be much easier if you have a group of friends you can team up with to take on Raids and other challenging quests.