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A man named Craig Newmark is the person who established this advertising website back in 1995. It contains information like jobs, personals, community, sales, services, housing, résumés, and many discussion fora. This service is available in several countries and is present in different languages.

Here at Craigslist, you do not need to pay money to view the ads, but it is necessary to pay for the site if you want to post jobs and details about your company. Nearly 70 countries have this platform for their advertisement enhancement. According to the FirstSiteGuide blog, Craigslist receives over 250 million monthly visits.

Best 10 Craigslist Posting Software Reviewed

So here, we shall be reviewing 10 of the best Craigslist posting software available today. You can try any of these Craigslist marketing solutions. Let us begin. 

1. Craigslist Auto Poster

Craigslist Auto Poster is created by CrayZilla and supports Craigslist. It is an easy-to-use platform. It is also an automatic software wherein you do not need to create accounts manually. It offers you email accounts and your advertisement sites in just a few clicks.

It creates almost a thousand variations in your ads, a feature not available in other Craigslist posting software. This makes each of your ads unique and new. You can easily search all of Craigslist with ease using this platform. The software works hard to advertise over the Internet successfully, and it is best for ad management. 

2. CL Ad Blaster

On the other hand, CL Ad Blaster is in the top position since it posts your ads in various cities on the Craigslist site. This posting software is also an automatic software where you can post your ads, saving your time. 

You do not need to worry about the expiration date of your ads. This software helps you automatically repost the ads as soon as they reach their expiry date. 

It is a Craigslist ad posting service where you can renew your ads within 48 hours or two days, which is automatically done. To explore this software before purchasing it, there is a trial pack you can experience for yourself.

3. Craigslist Auto Posting Software

Craigslist Auto Posting Software lets you post your ads on the top classifieds. And it allows you to create more customers and enhance the number of clients for your company by posting a wide array of ads via this software.

It also compiles various software where you can post your ads on Craigslist posting. Several features are here, such as Craigslist flagging, Facebook posting, Fiverr scraping, and so much more. It can also auto-renew your post, making this among the best Craigslist posting software around.

4. Craigslist Bot Pro

Next up is Craigslist Bot Pro. This helps you get rid of the worries about the work concerning posting your ads. This software also helps you in both your personal and business advertising needs. 

This is a must-have Craigslist software because it manages your posted ads daily. The software automatically allows you to post several ads with a few simple clicks. Recruiters, real estate dealers, marketing companies, and car dealers can easily download this software to reach clients.

5. ESC AdPoster

With several Craigslist posting software available around, it can be difficult to choose. If you want to post your ads on various electronic boards, then you must download ESC AdPoster. 

This software lets you add contact information which is an advantage for you since it provides you easy access to clients. It is straightforward to handle. Simply add the content, then sit back and relax until you see it posted. 

6. CLAD Genius

As its name suggests, CLAD Genius works like a genius in developing your global marketing. 

It has the option to customize your marketing so you can promote your products to the places where you wish them to reach. This also multiplies your single ad into an infinite number of different ads. 

7. ASN Auto Posting Tool

ASN Auto Posting Tool is a rather comprehensive platform. Its advantage is that you can easily view where and when your ad is visible. You have to set the time and the cities where your advertisement will be open. 

The software does all the work. This tool benefits those who want to enhance their car sales. It is because it posts the ad of each car you have in the showroom easily. You can try it for a fee. It is also the recommended platform where you can change the format of your ads.

8. Craigslist quick poster

Craigslist quick poster is the software to use when you are a startup company wanting to establish your business via the official Craigslist website. 

It follows the way of one click, one ad. Here, there is no need to risk advertising through the website.

9. Craigslister eAssistant

It is easy to post ads here at Craigslister eAssistant. Simply give the details of your ad and click on the Save button. Within a few seconds, your ad will be ready for posting on several sites. It even helps you post ads on YouTube. Interesting, right? Here, you can also choose how many ads you want to post. 

As the name implies, it works as your assistant during posting ads online, making this one of the best Craigslist posting software worldwide. However, you have to afford credits for posting. For instance, it will cost you one credit for plain text ads. For YouTube ad posting, you need five credits.

10. AdPlotter

For those who want to secure their market online, AdPlotter is the software to be. It will help you by posting your ads on multiple free and high-traffic listing sites.

At AdPlotter, you must create a single ad for your product. Then, it will convert your single ad into multiple ads on multiple sites. Therefore, with this, you maximize the incoming customers for your products and goods.

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