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The readers use e-ink displays, a technology that mimics conventional printing on paper. These screens make your eyes tired less than glowing LCDs. Unlike smartphones and tablets, an e-reader doesn’t need to be plugged in daily – it can run on a single charge for months.

E-books are lighter and more compact than most paper books and can hold thousands of titles. It’s comfortable to carry with you the whole library at once holds thousands of games on one platform. Such devices are more accessible than paper ones: they are cheaper, and you don’t have to go to the store or wait for delivery.

Now there are dozens of e-reader models from different manufacturers, and their average cost is comparable to the price of a smartphone. Here are the best readers.

Onyx Boox Edison

Onyx Boox Edison is a top-notch Android ebook. The branded shell gives easy access to the library, but otherwise, it’s a fully functional tablet. Through the cloud, you can upload files from your PC or phone without a wire, and thanks to the normal browser the reader are perfect for the leisurely study of long-readers.

It has the latest generation of black and white e-paper with a resolution of 1872 × 1404 dots. The density of the image corresponds to the typographic standard of 300 ppi clarity.

The screen updates the image almost instantly – for an Android reader, this is especially important because on the “usual” slow e-ink typing, entering passwords and scrolling pages in the browser turns into torture because of the delay. By the standards of readers, Edison is powerful: Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 and 3 GB of RAM open and scroll even large PDFs without lags.

For reading in low light, there is a backlight with adjustable brightness and color temperature. In the evening you can make the glow warmer – it reduces the strain on the eyes.

The display is covered with tempered glass that protects it from scratches and scuffs. The case is made of metal, and Onyx Boox Edison comes with a magnetic case – all this is a rarity for e-books, which are usually made entirely of plastic and come in a rather scarce package.

Because of the materials, the gadget was a little heavier than the competition. The reader itself weighs 235 grams, the cover adds another 100 grams or so. With a screen diagonal of 7.8 inches, the Onyx Boox Edison can still be called quite compact; it won’t take up much space in a backpack or bag.

The design is minimalist. The frame is relatively thin, but it’s convenient to hold. For those who dislike flipping pages on the touch screen, the manufacturer has added two physical buttons on a complete cover. Besides, the cover locks the display when closed and activates when opened, it’s rare for readers.

The major shortcoming of the model is associated with autonomy. Android isn’t too efficient in its use of battery power, and the reader discharges faster than models on a more limited, but specialized OS. If you spend an hour a day reading with medium backlight brightness, you can count on almost two weeks of use – more primitive readers in this mode live about a month.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021 is designed solely for reading books. It has no additional features like a browser, audio player, or access to cloud storage. The Paperwhite 2021 supports audiobooks, but you can only download them from Amazon’s built-in store.

The reader does not support popular book formats like FB2 and EPUB, all books and documents will have to be converted to MOBI. There are almost no problems with buying books in this format – most stores allow you to download books immediately in it. And an already saved collection is enough to run once through the application Calibre – a free utility for Windows and MacOS, which transfers to the Kindle library from the computer and transcodes it into the correct format.

The gadget uses a state-of-the-art 300 ppi black-and-white display. It’s just as fast and crisp as the more expensive Onyx Boox Edison, and the backlight is adjustable in 24 grades of brightness and temperature.

The book weighs little, 205 grams, and is quite compact. The matte rubberized plastic case is IPX8 protected – the device can be submerged in water to a depth of two meters for 60 minutes.

Pocketbook 616

Pocketbook 616 is one of the most affordable backlit readers. It doesn’t even have a touch layer, so you will have to control it only with physical buttons. You will have to get used to menu and table of contents navigation, but it is even more convenient to flip pages in this way.

The gadget is equipped with a six-inch e-ink Carta display. The density is 200 ppi, comparable to Onyx Boox Lomonosov. The backlight is quite uniform, with flexible adjustment of brightness. But it is impossible to change the tone, it can be found only in more expensive models.

The case is made of velvety matte plastic, which almost doesn’t leave fingerprints. The gadget is light and compact, it weighs only 155 grams.

Audiobooks aren’t supported, but the system recognizes 18 formats of electronic books – from FB2 and EPUB to ZIP archives and document scans. Almost any work found on the Internet will open without problems. In the settings, there is the customization of the font, text size, indentation, and a dozen other parameters. Several dictionaries for machine translation from several languages are built in.

Pages flip slower than in the top models, and built-in memory is only 8 GB, albeit expandable with MicroSD cards. On a single charge, the Pocketbook 616 will last up to a month and a half.

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