Top 5 Best Wives To Marry In Skyrim

Players will need to find a more permanent home and maybe a permanent companion at some stage during their Skyrim adventures. By possessing the Amulet of Mara, players will be able to approach any character they wish to marry if they have fulfilled their personal quests and acquired their trust. However, with over 65 different romantic choices to choose from, choosing the right person can be difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best wives you can marry, as well as a brief guide on how to open the marriage option with them and where to look for them in the first place.



Muiri is a character that has been betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and comrade Alain Dufont, whom she wishes to see dead. After joining the Dark Brotherhood, Astrid will give players the quest, Mourning Never Comes, which will take players to Markarth, where she is currently working as an apprentice alchemist.

Muiri will ask players to assassinate Alain, but if players also assassinate Nilsine, she will reward players with her amulet. Furthermore, if both Alain and Nilsine are killed, she would become a marriage partner.

Borgakh The Steel Heart


Borgakh is a simple woman to seduce. Though Mor Khazgur is unlikely to appear early in the game, it is a destination that must visit at some stage of the game. All players have to do is to get her as a follower. If a player wears the Mara Amulet, which is required for all marriages, she will bring up the subject of getting married.

Players can tell Borgakh is a tough warrior just by looking at her. If players want her to, she’ll pound the snot out of everything that moves. The greatest thing about her has to be the fact that players get to live in Larak’s Longhouse if they marry her. This is a castle in Skyrim, a huge Orc building guarded by walls, traders, and guards that will battle enemies before they come close to a player.

Mjoll The Lioness


Mjoll is a great follower, but she can also be a mom! She is a vigilante from the North who hangs out at the Bee and Barb inn in Riften. She is, though, a package deal, and even though players wish to marry her, Aerin will accompany you.

Players must be at least level 14 in order to marry Mjoll. Then strike up a dialogue with her, expressing your dislike for the Thieves Guild. Mjoll would then grant you the Grimsever’s Return quest. Players should ask her to marry them after they’ve done it. It’s not too tough, but they’ll need to level up first. Mjoll has a cool perk not no other wives have: she’ll open a store and give players 100 gold every day.



Jenassa stands out among Skyrim’s companions because she isn’t really evil and brutal. From the moment players associate with her, they can tell she’s sadistic and obsessed with killing. She’s one of the few companions who doesn’t mind if players make unethical decisions like assaulting guards or murdering innocent people. If that sounds appealing, players can make their way to Whiterun’s The Dunken Huntsman inn. Players can recruit her as a follower and then marry her without having to complete any quests.

Aela The Huntress


According to the gaming community, Aela The Huntress is the most famous and best wife in Skyrim. She is a member of the Companions as well as a Werewolf who practices Hircine’s teachings. She is a professional archer and takes great pride in her true self.

When it comes to questionable acts like murder and thievery, she’s still one of the most forgiving characters. Players must complete the entire Companions questline and defeat the Silver Hand in order to get her as a follower. She would then be married and hired as a follower after that.

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