We’ve all heard stories about lucky crypto investors who became millionaires virtually overnight when the value of their initial investments skyrocketed in the early years. Crypto has progressed so far that many people believe it is already mainstream, especially with institutional investors making large stakes in the industry.

Those who did not take advantage of the early investment chances may have felt they had missed out. On the other hand, the beauty of cryptocurrency is that it has opened up an entire world of possibilities for individuals who are serious about making money.

Cryptocurrency derivatives

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With cryptocurrency now firmly established, it’s less probable that purchasing and keeping tokens would yield the desired results. That is not to imply that investing opportunities do not exist. Instead, the smart money is betting on higher potential gains via crypto derivatives, which allow investors to speculate on the movement of Bitcoin and other tokens without actually possessing the assets.

Crypto derivatives are a type of trade in which two parties enter into a financial contract to speculate on the future price of a cryptocurrency. The buyer and seller will have made opposed forecasts about the asset’s future trading price and will bet on what they feel it will be worth in the future. Smart investors can profit from derivatives by purchasing cryptocurrency at a lower price than its market value and selling it at a higher price.

Crypto derivatives can be accessed on decentralized exchange platforms such as SynFutures, allowing Ethereum-native, cross-chain, and off-chain assets to be synthesized and freely exchanged for those willing to take a risk.

SynFutures’ Synthetic Automated Market Maker is one of its features, allowing participants to offer a single digital asset of a trading pair, with a smart contract to synthesize the other. The platform also provides user-generated markets, which allow anybody to list trading pairs in seconds, as well as a unique architecture that allows you to list crypto majors, altcoins, NFTs, and other assets with a single token.

You Can Get Paid to Write Reviews


There are various ways to earn cryptocurrency for individuals who do not have the stomach for trading. One of the simplest options for many people may be to write reviews of the products and services they buy.

That is the goal of the Lum Network, which has developed a mechanism for businesses to compensate consumers who review their products honestly and transparently, even if those reviews are bad. Companies have a strong incentive to do so because research suggests that up to 95% of consumers currently read at least one review before purchasing a product or service. As a result, trustworthy evaluations can be extremely beneficial to businesses, allowing them to sell significantly more things.

Lum Network aims to eliminate the possibility of consumers falling for phony, bought reviews. It accomplishes this by using a blockchain-based decentralized rewards system. Anyone can examine the unchangeable records for each review and prove that a consumer who submitted a 1-star review received the same compensation as someone who provided a 5-star judgment.

The protocol works by awarding prizes based on the quality of the reviews rather than the number of stars provided, taking into account elements such as the number of characters used, connected photo or video, and more.

Lum Network assures that everyone reading reviews can trust what they’re reading, while those who buy things and post a high-quality but honest review will be compensated for their time.

Sell Your Talents

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Another option for those with abilities to offer is traditional freelancing. However, many people — whether they are writers, graphic designers, logo designers, or developers – are turned off by the exorbitant prices and the risk of being scammed through traditional services such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr.

There is no risk of being scammed with the HUMAN Protocol, and there is no middleman who will take a huge cut of whatever cash is promised. HUMAN Protocol is a blockchain-based open-source infrastructure that has developed a decentralized marketplace for freelancers.

The advantage for freelancers is that they do not have to join up for workpools or go through a time-consuming identification verification process. They will receive the promised amount in full, with no costs deducted. Furthermore, they are compensated in the HUMAN Protocol’s native $HMT token, eliminating the need to use an expensive payment source like PayPal to get their revenue.

Stake Your Cryptocurrency Assets


One of the most reliable ways to earn is to stake those coins in exchange for rewards for individuals who already have crypto assets. Staking is the process of validating crypto transactions. When staking, the user retains their money’s ownership while storing it in a bitcoin wallet.

Proof of stake networks then utilizes those currencies to validate transactions, rewarding the user in exchange. Staking is essentially the lending of coins to the network, maintaining security, and validating transactions. The benefits are similar to the interest offered by banks for keeping a credit balance open.

Venus Protocol’s $XVS is one of the most popular staking coins. The Venus Protocol is a decentralized lending protocol that enables liquidity providers to stake their currencies in exchange for a highly competitive yearly percentage yield of up to 40%. It’s a terrific opportunity for investors to make extra coins and protect themselves from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market in general.

Give Crypto Networks Liquidity


One last approach to profit from cryptocurrencies is to supply liquidity for the hundreds of cryptocurrency tokens required. A liquidity provider is a user who contributes crypto assets to a liquidity pool to support trade on a platform.

In exchange, clients obtain a passive income on their deposits. Liquidity providers play an important role in many networks and are seen as vital trade facilitators, with transaction fees paid for trades they helped allow.

There are numerous liquidity providers in crypto, but one of the most fascinating is izumi Finance, which provides programmable liquidity as a service on Uniswap V3 and multi-chains. Izumi Finance’s LiquidBox protocol, which distributes incentive payouts at several price ranges, assists investors in maximizing their returns.

It says liquidity providers can earn higher trading fees with capital efficiency while benefiting from additional incentives with linked protocols by providing simple, easy-to-use tools for users to stake their tokens.

The examples above are only a few of the countless ways crypto aficionados can earn more tokens and put their assets to use. More effort is required, but for adventurous individuals, the tactics outlined above can yield significantly bigger gains than the simplistic “Buy and HODL” strategies that rewarded early crypto investors so well in the past.

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