Are you an SMB owner looking to optimize customer interactions and communication processes in 2023? If so, the answer may lie in the power of Phone Number Validator APIs. As the business landscape evolves rapidly, SMBs constantly seek innovative tools that streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. Among these essential tools is the Phone Number Validator API. It is a game-changer for businesses seeking to easily verify and validate phone numbers.

Accurate customer contact information is the lifeblood of successful communication strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer service. At this point, a phone number validator API acts as a vital shield against incorrect phone numbers. Hence, eliminating the risks of failed calls, undelivered messages, and potential scams. Therefore, we have curated a list of the top seven Phone Number Validator APIs for 2023.

This article will explore the significance of Phone Number Validator APIs for SMBs. By the end, you will have valuable insights into which API suits your business best. Hence, enabling you to bolster your communication strategies and foster lasting customer relationships. Let’s start our growth journey.

What Is a Phone Validator API?

A phone number validation tool empowers businesses to access a wide range of data for validating phone numbers. This encompasses functionalities like location identification, current status verification, and identification of phone carriers and line types.

Why Do SMBs Require Phone Number Validator API?

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) require a Phone Number Validator API to ensure accurate customer data. Moreover, they also aim to enhance communication efficiency, save costs, prevent fraud, improve marketing effectiveness, deliver superior customer service, and stay compliant with regulations.

This essential tool empowers SMBs to streamline operations, optimize customer interactions, and protect their businesses from potential risks. With validated phone numbers, SMBs can target the right audience, boost response rates, and foster lasting customer relationships. Hence, making the Phone Number Validator API an indispensable asset for success in today’s competitive business landscape.

What Are the Seven Best Phone Number Validator APIs For SMBs?

Here are the seven best APIs for your SMB’s phone number validation.


NumVerify offers a user-friendly phone number validation service. Hence, ensuring businesses retain only quality leads and reduce the chances of fraud by maintaining a clean database. It supports international phone number validation. Therefore, making it ideal for global use. The free version provides 100 monthly requests without any time limit. Hence, offering real-time validation of carrier, line type, country, and location.

Despite its great features, the downside is that the free version has limitations and needs encryption. Nevertheless, it remains a convenient and accessible choice for businesses seeking an easy-to-implement phone number validator with broad international coverage.

Abstract API

Abstract’s phone number validation and verification API offers efficient verification of phone numbers. Furthermore, it accommodates up to 500 API calls per second for diverse use cases. The forthcoming bulk phone validation feature will further simplify the process. Integrating seamlessly, this real-time API ensures the database’s current and accurate phone numbers. Hence, saving time and confirming contact locations worldwide.

With 250 free API requests per second, businesses can test the tool before implementation or for limited use cases. Operating in over 190 countries, the API provides precise location data, fast processing, robust security, and daily updates. However, the free quota may not suit all requirements.


Mocean’s phone validator api tool assures businesses of storing only valid phone numbers. It features assessing the validity of phone numbers, including landlines, and determining their current status. While a free trial is available, a completely free version seems absent. Mocean proves beneficial for obtaining phone number details like carrier and country.

It provides code examples in five programming languages and supports compliance with national phone number formats. However, the tool lacks a truly free version and may seem limited compared to other products.


Verifone simplifies determining the validity of phone numbers, whether landline or cell phone numbers. Hence, making it an ideal solution for businesses. Access to detailed information from 248 countries proves invaluable for global enterprises. The generous free quota of 1,000 monthly requests supports low-volume, broad-scale use cases. On the other hand, its lead-scoring feature makes it a top choice for global marketing campaigns.

Additionally, Verifone offers flexible payment options, with credits that never expire, bulk phone number validation, and pre-built connectors to 2,000 applications. However, limited customer reviews may leave some room for further assessment.

Vonage Number Insight

This phone number verification tool allows businesses to verify the authenticity of personal and business phone numbers. The key features include detecting recently ported numbers, ensuring reachability, avoiding high roaming fees for cell phones, and providing real-time analytics for marketing campaigns.

A free quota is available; further details can be obtained through contact. It’s an excellent solution for maintaining an accurate customer database and supporting text message marketing to boost sales efforts. Pros include rich features, IP-based geolocation matching, sub-accounts organization, and user permissions. However, in high-use scenarios, the pay-per-API-call model may prove more costly.


Although the BotDelive website was accessible, there was a complete absence of details regarding its functionality in identifying invalid phone numbers. Information is not available about its features, benefits, or free quota. Pros and cons still need to be discovered as there is no relevant data to assess.


This phone validator API ensures the integrity of your database by verifying active numbers. Hence, optimizing business performance. It features no cached queries, provides accurate results, and enables phone number testing. While offering a 14-day free trial with 50 daily lookups (700 total), no free phone lookup option is available.

It is ideal for straightforward use cases. Moreover, it offers real-time validation and easy payment plans, though it may not suit complex needs and requires payment per validation.


The significance of Phone Number Validator APIs for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in 2023 is clear. These powerful tools are essential safeguards, ensuring accurate and up-to-date customer contact information. Exploring the top seven Phone Number Validator APIs has highlighted their unique features and benefits.

As SMBs embrace these APIs, they can expect improved operational efficiency, cost savings, fraud prevention, and increased marketing effectiveness. Embrace the future of business communication with these cutting-edge solutions. Furthermore, propel your SMB towards sustained growth and success.


How Do I Validate a Mobile Number?

To validate a mobile number, use a reliable Phone Number Validator API or a validation library with regular expressions.

Can I Find Out Who Belongs to a Phone Number?

It is possible to find out who belongs to a phone number using reverse phone lookup services or online directories.

How Do I Verify a Phone Number Is Real?

To verify a real phone number, use a Phone Number Validator API to check its authenticity and validity.

What Is Phone Number List Validation?

Phone Number List Validation is the process of verifying and ensuring the accuracy of phone numbers in a given list.

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