We have all heard of movies based on real-life stories or movies that are inspired by a person. But there is a unique genre of movies that stem from games and sports. These movies have their own niche user-base and work wonders for many reasons.

Why Movies Based On Games Work?

A movie based on a board game works to the filmmaker’s advantage as it can create a relatable brand. When a filmmaker uses the point of a famous game, a lot of the facts are already known to the viewer.

Games such as board-games and arcade versions are a part of every person’s childhood and can easily help build a bond with the user.

The name of the game or the format can also help spark a sense of nostalgia in the audience and encourage more people to pay attention to the movie.

Indian Movies

Indian movies have a reputation for being musicals and cliched. But some filmmakers have taken the out-of-the-box approach and made these unique films based on games.

Ludo (2020)

A recent release on Netflix, this movie is directed by the filmmaking mastermind Anurag Basu and has a power-packed star-cast with the like likes of Abishek Bachchan, Rajkumar Rao, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, and many more.

The movie, as the name suggests, uses the ludo game as a metaphor for life. The story itself is narrated from the point of view of Yamraj (the god of death); with four stories shows by the four colors of the game.

The plot included all these stories taking small steps in the board-game of life. The movie crescendos to an ending where all the characters in the film meet at a common destination (like at the end of Ludo).

This movie is a well-writer thriller, packed with humor, emotions, and uniquely represented characters. The film has very few dull moments and powerful performances by everyone on the cast.

A simple series of events that leads to a fun-filled comedy that will make you want to play a game of Ludo right after the movie ends.

Wazir (2016)

The 2016 movie Wazir stars a very moving performance from Farhan Aktar and Amitab Bachchan. This movie draws direct parallels from a game of chess into our daily lives. The lead character of Pandit (Bachchan) is a chess teacher with a physical disability.

The chess teacher turns into a guide to a Daanish, a police officer (played by Aktar) after his daughter is killed in a terror clash. Daanish blames himself for her death and finds comfort in the chess-like point of view on life given by Pandit.

The movie has an emotional plot-line, and a story filled with suspense and actions. The carefully crafted characters add enormous value to the story and keep you hooked till the end. The sprinkles of chess-metaphors throughout the movie provide it with a unique writing outcome.

A much watch movie, especially if you deeply understand the game of chess, and love a movie packed with thrill.

Global Movies

While the movies offered close to home are yet to fully explore their width, the west has been proactive in drawing inspirations for these games. Here are a few picks.

Under The Boardwalk (2010)

We have all played the game of Monopoly at least once in our childhood. Its popular spinoff in India was called “Business”. The game might seem like an endless drag to many, but there is a side to the game they fail to see.

The game of Monopoly has higher-stakes in the professional world. The movie “Under the Broadwalk” is a documentary movie that draws attention to this game and elaborated the story of their professional tournaments.

The viewer’s perception of the whole game is sure to alter once they get their hands on this documentary. It contains interviews with some of the best in the play and provides unique insights you could not find otherwise.

Battleship (2012)

If we think back to the board game of Battleship, it seems impossible that a game so simple and mellow could be eth inspiration for an action movie. The 2012 movie, Battleship, is about a fleet of ships on international waters that encounter enemy forces.

The battle between the ships is shot and presented beautifully, and the stunning performances of the cast are an added bonus to the viewer. The first impression of the movie makes it clear that it’s nothing like the board game.

But as the movie reaches its mid-way mark, the subtle reference to the board game will throw a simple on your face and keep you engaged until the ending.

Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

Hands-down, one of the most famous, complicated, and talked-about broad games, was turned into a 2000 mythical movie with the same name. While the movie received a very poor response, it grabbed the attention of avid DnD players.

Ward Wars (2004)

A game so famous, it’s known and played in most parts of the world — Scrabble. This underrated game got its own movie back in 2004 in the documentary genre.

The movie chronicles the world of four professional scrabble player plays on their journey from preparations till the world-championship. It’s an interesting story filled with easer eggs and deep-learning about the game.

While most movies focus on showing the history of the game, or dive deep into its origin — Word Wars is a movie that pulls to focus on the players and make the movie a unique masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

Using games as a way to draw in the user is a wonderful tool for filmmaking. These games will always remain in the minds of the audience, and the reliability of the game’s innate story is what makes them best-sellers in the first palace.

Movies based on games are yet to explore their full potential and burst into the global market. With time more filmmakers will discover this unique genre and produce some gems like the one above.