Twitch provides its streamers with a wide variety of options for the kind of content they want to broadcast live. Some may opt for creative content, gaming, music, or real-life streams to get twitch viewers in the niche of their interest. However, if you break rules, start spamming, or use some gray techniques, there comes a risk of getting banned, which may deteriorate your reputation as a public figure and may pose a threat to your career if you are serious about it. The risk of getting blacklisted comes from the topics you talk about, the words you say, or your actions that may cause harm to you or your viewers.

Hence, this complete guide on the Twitch blacklist will help you on which statements or actions to avoid and how you can restrict hate comments on your channel to ensure it’s accessible by all ages or cultures. Keep reading!

Twitch Blacklist Words

You may be simply joking or messing around, but you never know how your audience feels or reacts to it. Words that judge, belittle, or harass someone on the basis of their race, gender and religion may put a ban on you for 1-30 days (depending on the severity). Many streamers get banned the first time if their hate speech or bullying was severe, however, some may get banned forever. You also have the right to appeal the ban and the decision depends on Twitch.

Twitch can also ban you if you abuse people on the basis of their medical conditions, physical characteristics, age, or disability. Recently, Twitch has made the terms “simp”, “virgin” and “incel” illegal to use on the platform. Any emotes relating to “simp” are also outlawed.

Therefore, you should treat everyone on your channel with respect and kindness to prevent getting temporarily or permanently banned on Twitch.

Threats of Violence

Twitch takes this aspect very seriously. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, you can be banned permanently. No matter if you’re joking around with your viewers for killing or hurting yourself or them, you will be considered as breaching the law. There are many cases where live streamers’ accounts got banned for slamming the keyboard on their head out of rage or action similar to this one.

In case you require serious mental help, you should reach out to your loved ones or visit a therapist. It will not only make you feel better but also the ones present around you.

Refrain From Invading the Privacy of Others

If you invade someone’s privacy by sharing their name, location, age, or any other identifying factors that they may not be comfortable with, may cause you to get banned on Twitch. In addition to this, forcing someone to be on your live stream or sharing their personal messages on the internet is also a violation of rules set by Twitch.

To prevent getting blacklisted on Twitch, you need to respect other people’s privacy as not everyone wants to be an open book on the internet due to their personal privacy preferences.

Don’t Stream Copyrighted Movies or Music

Playing copyrighted music or movies while you stream is against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that protects the legal rights of the artists.

There are plenty of online websites that allow you to access copyrighted music that you can play in your live streams to avoid getting banned in the future.

Don’t Scam or Spam People

Spreading false information about yourself such as your whereabouts, channel or broadcasting platform, will simply get you banned. Also, spamming someone with unwanted messages can be counted as harassment, hence, you should completely refrain from such inappropriate actions.

Rules for Your Discord Friends As Well

A few rules not only apply to you but also to the discord friends that you play with during a live stream. If your discord friends use inappropriate speech or do not act according to the Twitch guidelines, they may be the reason for you getting banned from your channel. If they keep breaking the rules, you should stop taking them live on your stream or you can simply mute them as well.

How to Ban Words on Twitch?

At times, you will see comments on your stream that are going to make you want to do or say things that are against Twitch’s TOS, to prevent you from doing so and getting banned from your account, the following settings will help you:

1. Twitch AutoMod

To keep all the toxic and negativity far away from your channel, you can get the advantage of the built-in AutoMod settings on the platform. Twitch AutoMod will monitor the chat for you and will flag any comment it deems inappropriate or abusive. Then, you can block or mute the user manually. It contains level 0 to level 4 settings. Higher the settings, the more strict. It can filter discrimination, sexual content, hostility, or profanity for you. To access AutoMod:

  • Access your channel settings
  • Click chat options and select choose level
  • Opt for the AutoMod level you want to use and hit the save button.

2. Blocked Terms

If you want to block certain terms or words that pop up in your comment section, rather than doing so manually every single time, you can access this “blocked terms” setting in Twitch. You can also block words from the same group by using ‘*’. Let’s say you want to block all the words with the prefix hate so by using ‘hate*’, you will block words like hateful, hated, hatefulness, etc. To access blocked terms:

  • Access your channel settings
  • Click “blocked terms and phrases” under AutoMod Controls
  • Type the words you want to block under “blocked terms” and click add
  • Simply save your settings at the bottom of the page

3. Nightbot

If you are an advanced user of AutoMod, you can even switch to Nightbot which is a third-party moderation bot that blacklists and blocks words in a powerful way. It includes plenty of efficient and customized settings to help you keep your comment section clean.

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