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On December 30, 2021, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan revealed to his Twitter followers that he developed and launched Fractal, an up-and-coming NFT marketplace ideal for gamers. He also revealed that the NFT collection leverages the Solana (SOL) blockchain, which will supposedly be the biggest NFT airdrop in the history of Solana.

Kan isn’t the only mastermind behind Fractal, though. Mike Angell, Robin Chan, and David Wurtz are accompanying him as co-founders. The NFT marketplace hosts a variety of interesting digital goodies from different platforms, including The Sandbox, Portals, Mini Royale, Nyan Heroes, and more.

The Fractal NFTs are composed of 100,000 unique NFTs, and each one has its own power level between levels 23 through 100. The collection includes 1,000 HEXA Fractals, 4,000 PENTA Fractals, 25,000 QUAD Fractals, and 70,000 TRI Fractals.

According to the team behind the Fractal market, the higher the Fractal’s power, the rarer it is. These rare Fractals won’t be easy to find either due to how unstable they are. The team hopes that with these NFTs, gamers will be able to gain special powers whenever they play blockchain-based games. On the other hand, the marketplace developers believe that these cross-game assets are “the future of gaming.”

As of this moment, the Fractal NFT marketplace already has a couple of trending projects. The leading project is Panzerdogs, with Aurory, Portals, Photo Finish, and Fractals following suit. The marketplace also features other popular projects like Genopets, Caveworld, Nyan Heroes, and Mini Royale, ranking sixth through ninth, respectively. In tenth place is Solchicks.

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