The UK Gambling Commission walked away as the winner of the Regulatory Excellence award in IAGR’s inaugural International Regulatory Awards. This new awards program is a part of the inaugural 2021 International Regulatory Awards run by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) with the goal to recognize the regulators’ contributions around the world.

Announced at a Gala Dinner at the annual IAGR conference in Boston, the Regulatory Excellence Award proves that the UKGC has strongly worked in ensuring better consumer protection.

About UKGC

Established under the 2005 Gambling Act in 2007, the UK Gambling Commission is mainly reputed for applying strict regulations to build a responsible gambling environment. This powerful regulatory authority is responsible for regulating the gambling businesses operating in the UK. As the online gambling sector has shown an amazing increase since 2014 in this country, the Gambling Commission has to implement stringent regulations regarding the gambling rules and licenses.

With the main principles and responsibilities to make sure that completely independent casino sites in the UK and standalone sports betting operators are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, this major gambling regulatory body has built partnerships with several organisms not only in Great Britain but also across the world. Another important responsibility of the Commission is the power to issue operating licenses to the gambling operators who want to operate there.

After the departure of Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission in March and a few years of difficulties, the regulatory entity has just recently appointed Marcus Boyle as its new chairman. This new CEO will take the role for a term of five years. The Gambling Commission remains devoted to establishing a safe and well-regulated gambling environment while waiting for the IAGR 2022 conference.

About the IAGR Award

The inaugural IAGR award aims to thank and celebrate the best regulators in the gambling industry for their involvement in promoting responsible gambling. In fact, this award is the result of the association to motivate the regulators to contribute to the prevention of problem gambling. As the gambling regulation is more complex and distinctive, the award has the purpose to grant the best regulators who are strongly leading the gambling industry through the regulation policy.

Another reason for this award is to acknowledge the accomplishments of gambling regulators and their teams that are recognized to implement the most creative and effective responsible gambling campaign. Two categories of awards are offered to the top regulators; Best Regulatory Campaign and Regulatory Excellence. Each category has its areas of specialization and comes with its respective terms and conditions like nomination eligibility.

Three significant areas of concern require a fast improvement to protect consumers from gambling-related harms. These areas include:

  • The use of specific technologies in diverting advertising targets away from vulnerable adults, young people, and children.
  • Product and game design
  • Incentives for VIP schemes or High-Value Consumers

The UKGC’s Industry Challenge Initiatives

A panel of independent experts and gambling regulators judges the regulators. It was the British gambling watchdog that won the award for its Industry Challenge Initiatives. Although the judges were impressed by the participants’ engagement levels with the gambling industry, the British Gambling Commission got the award. Catherine Myers, an IAGR trustee explained that the UKGC deserves the award because this regulator has worked through a wide-scale collaboration leading to better consumer protection.

This cooperation includes land-based operations, online casinos, retail, online sports betting, UK live casinos, bingo games, and many others. Catherine Myers congratulated the British Gambling Commission and thanked other regulators who submitted nominations. IAGR confirmed that the 2022 conference would take place in Melbourne, Australia.

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