Wanting to save time and money are goals that seem to be hardwired into the human DNA sequence. You hear people nearly every day mentioning how they wish they had more time to get things done. And when it comes to money, practically our entire social system is built around ways to acquire it, save it, spend it, and hold on to it for rainy days.

So, why not leverage some of the newest, simplest forms of technology to do just that: create more time and money for ourselves. There’s no secret get-rich recipe or lotto number generator, but there are at least four effective methods for beating the clock and socking a few extra bucks away, no matter who you are or what you do. Add your own ideas to the following list.

Set Bills to Auto-Pay

Nearly every bank and credit union encourages account holders to sign up for auto-pay, a feature that lets you choose when and how much to pay for recurring expenses like car payments, mortgages, utilities, and more. Oddly, more than half of working adults don’t take advantage of this super-powered time-saving technique. But for those who do, it means never having to waste another minute on all those repeating, routine monthly expenses. Just make sure you have enough in your checking account to cover the out-flow.

Apply Online Instead of In-Person

The 2020’s are all about doing things remotely. There’s telehealth, online grocery shopping, video chat, email signup for everything under the sun, and, fortunately, an online application for medical marijuana (MMJ) cards. In minutes, those who reside in New York and several other states can get their cards via a simplified, quick online process. It’s easy and it’s affordable to get a medical marijuana card in NY. This tip will save you both time and money.

Use Your Phone’s Master Calendar

Modern phones come with dozens of built-in apps that most of us never even look at. One is a master calendar similar to the computer-based ones that have been around for years. But the phone calendars are updates and slimmed-down versions that make it easy for anyone to set up a list of recurring events and plug them all into a smart calendar app.

The result? A nice, clean, scrollable, page of your daily, weekly, and monthly personal and business appointments and special occasions. The beauty of a phone-based calendar is that you don’t have to import a giant, clunky one from your main computer. Plus, since you always have the phone nearby, your calendar is instantly accessible.

Shop with a Smart App

One of the best no-cost apps around is for grocery shopping. There are actually hundreds of versions, so try out a few until you find one that fits your buying habits. After you record two or three weeks’ worth of purchased items, the app can create repeating lists of which things you buy and remind you when you need to add to your grocery list. The longer you use the app, the smarter it gets, and you’ll be amazed at how it can essentially create your list for you each week.

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