Finding a job has always been a very responsible and difficult task in terms of passing interviews. Now, during the crisis, when many people suffer from layoffs, the ability to “enchant” the interviewer is even more important. And if you are invited for an interview, it means that you have already attracted the attention of employers.

Now it’s all about your charisma and ability to behave because your future in the literal sense of the word depends on a personal meeting with a recruitment specialist. Everything is in your hands, the main thing is not to spoil anything. Are you confident? Then be aware of a number of mistakes that should never be made during an interview if you want to be accepted into the team of the company you are interviewing.

No Complaining

Do not complain about the difficult road to the office or the lack of parking spaces. Restraint and courtesy in this case are your trump cards and keep the impressions (even the most negative). Once you come to the interview, then you need this job. So you have to suffer and not very convenient route, and lack of parking space.

No Direct Critique

Never, under any circumstances (even if you are very sympathetic to the interviewer), criticize your previous employers and the company you worked for. And if you disapprove of the former place of work and employees, where there is a guarantee that during the next search you will not start pouring mud on this company (in which you are currently competing). Who needs such workers?

Focus on the Work Itself First

At the very first stage of the interview, refrain from asking for details about working conditions, such as the condition of the office, the availability of a buffet, the existence of health insurance, and reimbursement of training costs. This will be discussed in one of the next rounds of interviews, but for now, it is better to focus on the position and the organization itself.

Giving off Positivity Is a Must

Employers need people who will do their job with joy and enthusiasm. Nobody is interested in whining. So we do not recommend looking at the interviewer and showing everyone that you really need this job. Of course, the lack of employment does not bring much joy, but there is no need to portray despair. Self-confidence and positivity – this is the “right” mood.

Don’t Say Things on Impulse

If you are asked a question, think about it and formulate in your mind an adequate answer instead of answering without thinking. If the interviewer starts the question with the words “Tell me how you feel”, he expects you to react to an unusual situation, an interesting way out. In this case, the time-out and a few minutes of reflection will play only in your favor. During this time you will be able to concentrate and think about what is so smart and creative to answer. And it is better to grind nonsense and talk before thinking, while “talking about nothing” in the company of friends.

Be Present

When talking to an employer or recruitment specialist, focus only on the conversation. Disconnect from all extraneous thoughts during the conversation, otherwise, you risk getting hooked. Interviewers are usually great psychologists, and they will immediately feel that you are somewhere far away. This will give the impression that the position, the company, and the employee of the personnel department are of little interest to you. And why are the company not interested in employees?

Know the Limits

Often the interviewer tries to make the applicant feel quite relaxed. But control yourself and what you say. Remember, this is an interview, and you are being tested by all sorts of methods to catch and make your weaknesses. No matter how easy and pleasant it is for you, do not forget where you are and with whom you are communicating.

Keep It Cool

Even if the invitation to this interview is the first in several months, do not tell the employer. Make it clear that you know the price and that you have other offers, but you are interested in this position and this company.

Even If Everything Seems Obvious You Should Still Consider Our Tips

It seems that these tips describe the obvious rules of conduct, and so are known to all more or less educated people. But practice shows that some people are not aware of even such basic moments, and their actions or words bring interviewers to a state of shock. Remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to such things, so, it might be a good idea to delegate some of your academic responsibilities to a descriptive essay service where numerous professionals are ready to help you.

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