Have you ever had the pleasure of consuming cannabis that quickly knocks you off your socks? Have you been wondering how you can grow such top-shelf buds? Well, growing your cannabis is quite fulfilling, as you watch them from germination to spotting the sprigs, all through to enjoying the sweet smell as you prepare to harvest. The journey, however, might not deliver to your expectations despite having committed considerable capital and efforts. If you are wondering how you can improve your cannabis yield and quality, you are not alone. Here is a look at some straightforward yet practical tips to help you improve your cannabis growing endeavors without breaking your bank or committing too much time and effort.

Genes are the foundation

Regardless of how skilled you are at growing cannabis, if you go for inferior seeds, you can’t expect high and quality yields. Even with the most practical nurturing measures, a plant can’t overcome its genes, stressing the need for laying a strong foundation by selecting quality cannabis seeds. The good news is, with a vast collection from reliable and reputable Home Grown Cannabis Company, you can easily purchase superior seeds, easing your cannabis growing quests. If you insist on using low-end bag seed and clones to save a few bucks over purchasing from reputable cannabis seed banks, no magic can help you to realize the quality and high yield buds. Growing dense and potent buds starts with selecting quality genes, there is no shortcut.

Invest in proper lighting

While quality genes make your quest easy due to their resilience, potency, and yield, without proper lighting, you are doomed. Light is, especially, a significant consideration during the flowering stage. With proper lighting, you can ensure that your buds reach the maximum potential. This requires evaluating your setup and ensuring that you invest in the right lighting equipment. For instance, if you are growing larger plants, but buy lighting equipment prioritizing stealth and discretion over lighting power, chances of realizing high yield and potent buds are lower.

It would help if you spent a lot more and realize quality harvest over purchasing incandescent bulbs that won’t deliver the much-needed lighting for your plants. While increasing the light density, however, don’t concentrate on the light available while forgetting its distribution. Ensure that it is evenly distributed, and with the energy-efficient options in the market, go for a cost-effective option that also lessens the risk of heat stress. With proper lighting, you can push your plants’ photosynthesis process further and realize the quality and high yields.

Consider trellising

Did you know that your cannabis plant could be struggling to gather enough strength to support itself? Bearing its weight could be a challenge, but you can support the plants by considering trellising. This won’t be a demanding activity, nor will it cost you a fortune as you can use readily available material such as wood or bamboo. Following your set up, you can go for simple, supportive rods or arrange them in a mesh. Trellising, apart from supporting the plants to enhance growth, also eases lighting and air circulation as you can keep the plants separated and strong, ensuring that they flourish and give you the much-desired quality yields.

Manipulate growth

Have you considered training your cannabis plants? Training the plants helps you to manipulate its growth and achieve quality yields, yet it won’t take up much of your time or effort. You could go for LST (low-stress training) that involves spreading out the plant’s main stem and side branches. The process won’t cost that much as you only need strings to separate the stem and branches carefully, facilitating outwards and thick bush growth. You could also consider the “screen of green” training model that utilizes a grid of strings, helping you to guide the growth and manipulate it in a way that enhances productivity. Manipulating the cannabis plant growth doubles as a way to facilitate growth but also ease light and air circulation efforts as the layout is more manageable.

Proper nutrition

How many nutrients do your cannabis buds need for optimum growth? Are you over or under-doing it? It is easier to get caught-up in nutrition measures, and before you know it, you are drowning your plants. If the plants don’t seem to be growing fast enough, you could over-feed them, deteriorating their growth further. The secret of proper cannabis plant nutrition is equipping yourself with adequate information to guide you through various stages. Here is a quick look at some of the nutritional measures during the flowering stage to help you improve your cannabis’ yield and quality.

  • Phosphorus: This is an essential nutrient that affects the capability of your plants to produce flowers. If they get enough phosphorus, your cannabis plants will produce more flowers, enhancing the quality and amount of the yield harvested. It is, therefore, recommendable to feed your plants with plenty of phosphorus, also considered as the bud booster.
  • Potassium: While phosphorus impacts the number of flowers produces, potassium enhances the density and size of the flowers. The nutrient skips most cannabis growers’ minds, but its contribution could significantly improve your cannabis buds yield and quality.
  • Nitrogen: Plenty of nitrogen is needed during the vegetative growth phase. Don’t, however, do the same during the flowering stage, and especially as your cannabis plants’ vegetative growth stops and the buds start to fatten up. During the ripening stage, too much nitrogen could affect bud production, consequently affecting your yield’s quality.

You could also use a combination of base nutrients and supplements to enhance the plants’ growth, yield, and quality. Following your preferences, for instance, you could consider carbohydrates or sugar supplements to improve the taste and smell and to increase the bulk as well. A typical supplement that most cannabis grower favors is bloom enhancers. While shopping for bloom enhancers, consider its components, and as a general rule, choose the option with vitamins, humic acids, amino acids, and trace minerals.

Growing cannabis doesn’t have to be a daunting process, but it is not a walk in the park either. With practical knowledge and a little investment in quality seeds such as auto-flowering cannabis seeds and equipment over the standard low-end and cheaper options, you can comfortably kick your productions a notch higher, giving you enviable yields you have always dreamed of.