Vex the Gloomist, a gloomy little mage, is the newest champion to join League of Legends’ massive roster. Riot Games’ multiplayer online combat arena game introduces new characters on a regular basis to its already large pool of over 140 fighters. Updates are also offered to older League of Legends characters regularly, which helps preserve their competitive balance and design excellence.

A League of Legends teaser from July disclosed many new champions that would be coming to the game shortly. The trailer was supposed to be a revelation for Akshan the Rogue Sentinel, a character who was quickly introduced to the game.

The trailer’s major emphasis was Akshan, who served as a narrator while also hinting at his own gameplay mechanics and position in League of Legends’ continuing tale. However, a previously unknown champion, a black wizard from the game’s animalistic Yordle race, was hinted at in a picture at the conclusion of the clip.


League of Legends has released a new champion trailer, revealing Vex as the game’s next playable character. The Yordle mage, who was first shown in Akshan’s teaser in July, is a deliciously gloomy and angry character.

Vex is joined by a mysterious creature that appears to play an important role in the grumpy warrior’s gameplay. Vex’s primary attack appears to be firing the shadow as a huge projectile, however, she also has an energy barrier and teleportation in her arsenal.

In League of Legends’ summer event, Akshan was announced as the game’s newest Champion. While the swashbuckling rogue has a lovely demeanor, his in-game talents set him apart from the rest of the roster.

Akshan can swiftly travel the battlefield with the use of a grappling hook, and he may also perform various special attacks while gleaming about. Akshan can disturb foes by swinging about and shooting his pistol, while his trusty boomerang discloses all enemies within its range.

In addition to creating new characters, Riot Games has a tendency to revisit and rework previously released Champions. This prevents older characters from becoming obsolete or uninteresting in comparison to newcomers like Akshan and Vex. Udyr, the spiritual warrior, will have his aesthetic appearance and key abilities reworked to match the rest of League of Legends’ modern sensibilities.

Vex is an intriguing addition to League of Legends, with an engaging attitude and a complex set of skills. While no specifics regarding her moveset have been revealed, the usage of a shadow companion in combat has the potential to provide some very unique skills and attacks. Vex appears to be a fresh new addition to League of Legends’ list of Champions, with a standoffish attitude that is sure to resonate with many players.

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