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More than a month has already gone by since BitMart, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, was the victim of a severe hack. The platform’s users lost assets worth nearly $200 million. However, it appears that BitMart still hasn’t reimbursed the victims, and they’re still waiting for the reimbursement even today. According to the crypto exchange, the hack occurred because of a stolen private key. That one key allowed the hackers to make a crypto withdrawal on a massive scale.

This unfortunate event made a mark in history as one of the worst-recorded hacks of a crypto exchange in 2021. While BitMart doesn’t offer its users insurance over their assets, they promised to reimburse the victims. BitMart CEO Sheldon Xia himself published a public statement after the event, where he promised to give out those reimbursements soon. However, the victims still haven’t received even a single penny.

The victims of the hack undoubtedly lost a massive amount of money. One Iranian immigrant revealed to CNBC that he lost approximately $53,000. He has yet to receive any payments from BitMart or even any guarantee that he’ll receive reimbursement. He’s not the only one either, as several other victims could face financial demise if the exchange doesn’t compensate them as promised.

SafeMoon Investors Grow More and More Concerned

Unfortunately for SafeMoon holders, they were the investors hit the hardest by the security breach among the 48 different stolen coins. Not only that, but SafeMoon investors also said that they haven’t been able to view their payment history on the platform since November. As a result, they’re becoming more concerned about the overall situation.

The Twitter hashtag #WenBitMart has been trending since Monday, as SafeMoon’s online community continues to lead a scrutiny campaign until the exchange gives them a sufficient response.

No Communication From BitMart

Since the hack, Twitter and Reddit have been flooded with posts every day. Users ask BitMart to provide clarity or assurance regarding the current situation, especially about the highly-awaited reimbursement. However, the exchange remains mum about the entire ordeal. Even Xia has been silent, with no responses to any messages sent to his public email.

The CEO has been notably inactive on Twitter for more than a month now. However, he posted his first tweet since the hack about two days ago, but to the dismay of the victims, it had nothing to do with the reimbursements.

Some of BitMart’s representatives talked to major media platforms, saying that they’re still currently looking for the most appropriate solutions to the issue. However, they didn’t mention any timeframes for the victims to expect the compensation.

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