If you’re mad about gaming, whether it’s more mainstream options like the latest Call of Duty or a few rounds of online slots for the more casual gamer, you probably know that waiting can be the hardest part. When there are games that you just cannot wait to sink your teeth into, it feels like that official release date is an eternity away, with each subsequent day feeling longer and longer.

However, for those truly impatient gamers that are chomping at the bit to play the newest releases, there is hope. With a little bit of savvy, you can get your hands on various types of games before the rest of the public does. Here are some simple ways that you can play games before they even come out.

Beta, baby

As you might already know, many gaming platforms allow you to access an early “beta” version of a game prior to its general release, allowing you to get a taste before anyone else. Steam and Ubisoft often release Beta versions of games on a temporary basis, allowing players to have at it and report any issues or bugs they might find in the unfinished product. Beta games are usually much smaller than the final version, but it will definitely help you pass the time in the runup to launch day.

Be a tester

You could make it more official and become an actual game tester, which would give you access to the full version of a game in multiple stages of its development. There is the formal route, where you apply to be a paid game tester for a major studio like Sony or EA. Then there is the more informal route. Let’s take the example of mobile games. If you know of a smartphone game you are dying to play, make sure to consult test platforms such as PlaytestCloud, where anyone can sign-up to play unreleased apps for free, as long as they fill out a feedback form after.


Use an early access site

For some types of games, you can use specialist sites that offer a sneak peek at a title before its wider release. Let’s take the example of online slots, probably the single most popular form of real money online gaming. If there is a particular slot from a high-profile developer that you are looking forward to, you can consult a site such as SlotCalendar, which offers free-to-play versions of the latest slots UK titles before they are made available on major casino sites. This is definitely worth a try if you love casino games.

Offer your reviewing services

Finally, you could go the influencer route. If you are big on live streaming or spend your spare time reviewing games on your blog, vlog, or social media channel, you could get first dibs on the next big release. Do not hesitate to be shameless here. Even if you only have a modest following, you should try reaching out to the studios to see if they are willing to send you an early release of the game for you to review. It’s worth a shot.

These hacks can help you get ahold of the hottest games before they hit the shelves. Try them out today.

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