AAA (pronounced ‘triple-hey’) is an unofficial term that refers to games released by major, reputable publishers. At the same time, as a rule, a lot of money is invested in projects for the development and further promotion of the project.

You may hear the terms “AAA game” and “AAA developer” quite often, but what does this mean in the world of video games? Modern aaa game company can produce a high-level product in this format.

It’s pretty simple. As far as “AAA games” are concerned, these are projects published by a major publisher such as EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard, and others. And it also means that a lot of money has been invested in the development of the project and the advertising campaign.

Games these days can be divided into two categories: AAA projects and indie (independent). Indie projects are different in that they are not published by large publishers, usually, small studios are engaged in development that does not have large budgets, although there are quite a few exceptions.

You can easily find projects that look like indie games at first glance, whether due to the size of the development team, the small budget, the genre of the game, or simply the lack of a wide advertising campaign. However, if a developer is supported by a major publisher, then he and the games he releases can no longer be classified as indie. Likewise, there can be an independent aaa game developer creating high-budget indie games (triple-i projects) that are not tied to the rules of any major publisher.

Stages of AAA video games production

Nowadays there are a lot of famous Triple-A games. Among them should be mentioned Red Dead Redemption, The Witcher, and Grand Theft. The quality of graphics here is perfect. As for the team size, it’s another visible metric. In major studios are working thousands of people and a few game companies. In some cases, certain aspects of the game are given to different contractors, which create graphics and animation and making modeling and sound. Also, there are independent games from aaa game art studio.

Correctly executed 6 stages produce a high-quality and engine-optimized 3D model. Therefore, three-dimensional engineers work on the AAA pipeline in all studios that develop top-end video games.

You can’t get a job in any studio without knowing what a pipeline is. As a rule, a test task involves modeling a full cycle, i.e. all stages of the pipeline.

The pipeline keeps your work in order and understanding it is necessary regardless of what you are modeling.

Before moving on to the stages themselves, let’s deal with some very important points that many three-dimensional people forget about.

Triple I Video Games

An AAA game is a game with a huge investment in development and marketing from 2d animation company. For example, the budget for Grand Theft Auto V is estimated at $ 265 million.

The Triple-A project is a game of high expectations from triple a game developer. The creators had enough money to develop a top game, and now players expect quality from it. Hence the high requirements for absolutely every 3D model inside the game.

The AAA Pipeline is a large workflow for creating and optimizing a model to put it into the game. The process starts with blocking and ends with a finished model within the project.

The Future of AAA Video Games

The modern gaming community is in the process of constant growth. The tendency of our times is a high quantity of franchise games, which are released every year by aaa game company. As for the future, it will go in direction of additional monetization in games, which are already expensive. As for the tendency for studios, it seems to be that they are going to release every year very similar games.

The gambling businesses, which exist nowadays, is constantly growing. A great example of how can change the situation is Minecraft, which is now the most popular game in the world. It was created by a rather small company, and now it’s basically on the top and it’s well-known for everybody. One of the main directions for developers is to make great affordable games more accessible than ever.