Wood is popular among developers, it is chosen for the construction of load-bearing structures, decoration, and creation of interior items. Natural material is undoubtedly good and environmentally friendly, but ordinary timber and boards have significant disadvantages. For example, they possess the tendency to change the volume with changes in humidity, drying out, and deformation. These unpleasant consequences are practically excluded in the case of using cross-laminated timber as a construction material.

Cross-laminated timber and hints at its purchasing

CLT is a material obtained by gluing layers of prepared wood perpendicular to the grain direction. Pine and spruce trunks are mainly used for their production. To learn more details about its manufacturing and utilization, look here clt-rezult.com/en/clt-panel/clt-paneli/

The advantages of cross-laminated timber are obvious, but this does not mean that ordinary lumber will become outdated in the nearest future. CLT should be preferred when building houses, creating structures that work in adverse conditions with increased loads and humidity.

Products made of cross-laminated timber will be useful in finishing dry rooms and making simple furniture. Using well-processed and prepared raw materials is important – their moisture content should not exceed 15%.

If you want to determine the quality of the material while buying it, look for the following:

  • Quality certificates.
  • Manufacturer’s reputation and customer reviews.
  • A pungent smell can identify low-quality timber.
  • An external inspection will help to reveal unsatisfactory quality.
  • The degree of drying of wood can be determined during acceptance with the help of compact moisture meters.

At last, it is important to find a reliable manufacturer who will provide you with CLT of the proper quality. When looking for a supplier, you should also pay attention to the cost of materials. It should be close to the average market price; no one would sell quality cross-laminated timber very cheaply.

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