Whilst there are many who would debate the best ways to earn WoW Classic gold, or how to find the best WoW Classic items, there are other heated topics that often revolve around raids. Specifically, which ones are more difficult than others.

In this article, we will be discussing Ahn’Qiraj, often known as AQ40, and what you will need to do to overcome what is considered to be by many ones of the hardest raids in the entirety of WoW Classic.

What is AQ40? 

AQ40 is a 40-man raid that takes place in the south of Silithus. This raid was not available until Ahn’Qiraj War Effort was completed, which was a server-wide event. This would end with Gates of Ahn’Qiraj, in which one player at least would need to ring the Scarab Gong, which would then start the event and give out the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal as well.

AQ40 plays host to nine bosses in total, three of which are optional. Its final boss is C’Thun, which we will look at in more detail shortly. There are a number of mounts that can be found and used inside the temple, as well as new armour sets being made available to craft when Qiraji Tokens, Idols and Scarabs are collected.

What makes it so difficult? 

There is one outstanding reason that this raid is considered to be harder than others, and that’s its final boss, C’Thun. Before reaching this battle, there are several bosses to overcome. This includes The Prophet Skeram, Battleguard Sartura, Fankriss the Unyielding, Princess Huhuran, and Twin Emperors. There’s also the optional bosses known as Bug Trio, Viscidus, and Ouro.

The Final Boss

As mentioned, C’Thun is the final boss for AQ40, who is one of the old five gods of the game, who has been stripped of his full power and settled in the desert of Silithus. This would see the boss slowly be surely using his power of manipulation to form his own army. But what is it that makes this boss so difficult, therefore making this one of the toughest raids to beat?

C’Thun is without a doubt one of the most iconic bosses of the entirety of World of Warcraft. The reason being is that was upon a time, C’Thun was in fact considered to be mathematically impossible by now WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas. Many will be able to tell tales of woe playing against C’Thun, ranging from gear not being any use to not being able to have 40 players at one time not AFKing during the battle, and the size of the room for that many people was far less than ideal. There was even a bug that led many to believe that C’Thun couldn’t be beaten whatsoever.

Thankfully for those attempting to overcome the boss, he was in fact fixed so he could finally be beaten. Nevertheless, C’Thun is still considered to be the catalyst of what makes AQ40 the hardest raid in WoW Classic. This isn’t just to say that the final boss was the only reason as to why the raid is so difficult. After all, even back then only a small percentage of players were able to make their way to C’Thun in the first place.

There will be those who argue that there are harder raids than this one, which is completely fair. If you are more interested in hunting WoW Classic gold then you may not have come across raids like this at all. But it was certainly a moment in time that is now the stuff of legend, and something that also still challenges players more than nearly anything else in WoW Classic.

Did you experience this raid? Let us know in the comments section below!

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