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Window installation in Cold Lake is commonly done throughout the summer months of the year when the weather tends to cooperate more with people. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you book your window installation well in advance of when you want to get it done. Window contractors are swamped with work when the weather is nice outside. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of window installation in Cold Lake, and if you’re wanting your windows to prevent the cold and drafty air from pouring into your home before the fall and winter months arrive, you’ll want to schedule that as soon as you can.

There are certain cases when you might not have time to wait for a window contractor to have any openings in their schedule. Sometimes damage occurs to windows that can cause them to crack or shatter, and in cases like this, people simply cannot wait around for weeks to get the issues fixed.

Summer is the most common time of the year for window installation in Cold Lake for a variety of reasons.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home is one of the most popular reasons for installing new windows in a home. No one wants to be living in a sweltering hot home in summer where you have to have the air conditioner cranked up to the max setting just to have your home feeling liveable. When window seals deteriorate, air from the outdoors can make its way through your seals, and that can have your home feeling hot all day every day. Having your air conditioner running around the clock will have your energy bills skyrocketing every month.

If you currently have single-pane windows in your home, then your energy bills will be higher than if you had double-pane or triple-pane windows. Double and triple-pane windows might cost a little more right off the hop, but the purchase should be seen as an investment instead of just another added expense. With windows that provide better insulation, your energy bill will be lower.

Triple-pane windows will keep the cold air in and the warm air out during the summer. That means your air conditioner won’t be having to compensate for all of the heat constantly pouring in through your compromised window seals. If you’re in the market for new windows, look for the Energy Star rating seal of approval.

Another feature of windows you might want to keep an eye on is Low-E coating. Low-E coating can prevent the strong UV ray of the sun from getting into the interior of your home and causing your furniture or floors to fade in colors. Through new insulating windows that contain Low-E coating, the climate control you’ll have in your home will be increased and you’ll no longer have to worry about your energy bills being through the roof each month.

More Security

It’s much easier for intruders to break into homes that have older windows in comparison to ones that have newer windows installed. A lot of the windows in old homes still contain single-pane glass, and that type of glass is extremely easy to breakthrough. Even if you’re outside playing baseball with your children, you could run the risk of them breaking if the ball accidentally hits the window at a high speed. No one wants to be worrying about intruders breaking into their homes, and with new window installation in Cold Lake, you’ll reap the benefits of an increased measure of security. With new windows, you can get safety latches, keepers, and steel locks for more security.

Lowered Noise Levels

If you live in a busy area of the city, you probably hear a lot of traffic, sirens, and people outside of your home. Sometimes people end up getting used to this and barely even notice it after a while, but for others, it can be quite irritating to be forced to hear constant noise all day long. Newer multi-paned windows contain a much higher degree of insulation from the noise outside. After getting triple-pane windows installed in your home, it will be like a night and day difference. You’ll experience a greater degree of peace, enjoy the benefits of increased relaxation, and won’t have to worry about suddenly waking up in the middle of the night to blaring loud sirens.

Window Installation

The best time of the year to get new windows installed is during the summer. Window contractors will almost always say that the summer months are the best times of the year to install windows, and it’s due to a variety of reasons.

The first reason why most contractors would prefer to install windows in summer is that they won’t be having to worry about trudging through three feet of snow. There are contractors that install windows year-round, but if you asked them when they would prefer to install windows, they would most likely say that summer is their favorite time of year. Installing windows in snow or poor weather conditions might compromise the installation process. Summer is quite a short season, so if you’ve been considering window replacement for a while now, you’ll want to book your installation weeks or even months before summer arrives.

Another benefit to installing windows in summer is that caulking seals and adheres better in warmer climates. Applying caulking around the window might seem like it doesn’t have much of an impact for those that have never spent time researching windows before, but it’s something that needs to be done to every window to ensure the best energy efficiency possible.


Being able to enjoy the view out of your new windows during the summer is a benefit that everyone would enjoy. Getting your window replacement done sooner rather than later will have you being able to take advantage of the increased natural light in your windows, and this can boost your mood and have you experiencing:

  • More ventilation and airflow throughout your home
  • Less noise pollution from the outdoors
  • More vitamin D for your skin

If you’re tired of your cold and drafty windows, getting a reputable window contractor like NorthTech Windows & Doors is one of the best things you can do during the summer.

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