You might think that enjoying a game of online bingo would be a very different experience from playing the latest video game – and you’d be right. After all, marking off numbers on a card is a very different process to wiping out wave after wave of zombies or building an imaginary world. But that’s not to say that the people behind online bingo haven’t taken a good, long look at video games to pick up some tips to make them more enjoyable to play.

This is particularly the case when they’re looking to create bingo games online for real money which need to have a real hook to make them stand out in a very crowded sector. So the first thing that developers do is to create a theme, like a video game. This could be based around a popular TV format like “Deal or No Deal” or even linked to a popular slots game like “Rainbow Riches”. By giving a game a distinct personality of its own, it helps it to get noticed as well as to attract a particular kind of player.


Additionally, just as with video games, the way a bingo game is structured is important if it’s going to encourage people to keep on playing. So there may be different levels that need to be completed before players can move on to the next one. In the case of bingo, this can mean spot prizes being awarded before moving on to a bigger jackpot. This also creates a sense of achievement and progress through the game, as well as provides the momentum needed to get to the conclusion.

It’s also been well documented how a soundtrack can play an important role in making video games a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Just like in films, this can be a tool that is used to create mood and emotions. While music in video games can cover a fairly wide range from anticipation to fear, bingo games generally use their soundtracks to build on the feeling of excitement and fun. A particularly popular technique is to speed up the music as the game progresses, leading to its conclusion.

There’s another crucial aspect that has been more and more important in video gaming over its relatively short history and that is the sense of community that it generates. Whether through groups of players of a particular game or as part of the 140 million people worldwide estimated to use Twitch each month, this sense of togetherness is a very strong one.

Bingo sites do much the same thing by including chat rooms where players can meet up virtually, celebrate their successes, or just share their news and opinions. By creating more ways for players to interact with the site, players are more likely to remain loyal to the particular bingo operator.

So it’s undoubtedly true that bingo sites have been able to learn a great deal from video games. Now, as they become more and more sophisticated and successful, perhaps there are also a few tips that video game developers can pick up from bingo as well.

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