Despite its high cost, Singapore is still a must-visit location because of its vibrant mix of cultures, turbulent past, and current ring of futuristic skyscrapers. Although the Lion City is challenging to visit on a shoestring budget, it more than makes up for it with rooftop infinity pools, nighttime safaris, temples, and a tiny location called Sentosa Island.

When you want to escape the heat, Singapore’s high-quality public transportation system, which includes cable cars and the metro, makes getting around the city simple. However, it only gives you more time to explore the many interesting neighborhoods, commercial areas, and bustling hawker centers for a truly authentic local experience.

Express and luxury bus services are provided by Transtar Buses to numerous locations, including Singapore, Petaling Jaya, Gelang Patah, Genting Highlands, and others. This bus company guarantees frequent trips to many destinations in both countries thanks to its vast fleet. To improve the commuting experience, Transtar Travel provides first-rate amenities on all of its buses. 

Best time to visit Singapore

You can arrange your trip in accordance with the numerous activities and events that take place in Singapore each year. The Singapore Nightlife Festival, Singapore Shopping Festival, Singapore Festival of Funs, and the Grand Prix are a few examples. Singapore hosts the Singapore Festival of Fun in October, so if you’re traveling with children, you should go then. The Lantern Festival in January is for everyone who enjoys art and wants to learn about diverse cultures. When it comes to costs, April is the best month to travel to Singapore.

Explore the Gardens by the Bay

Travelers’ initial impression of Singapore is often how green the ultra-modern city is. There won’t be a single piece of litter blowing in the breeze because the streets are kept so pristinely. The lively Gardens by the Bay are the clearest example of its emphasis on conservation and lovely aesthetics.

Although the Singapore Botanic Garden is another great place to see, there is something particularly special about this installation and its cutting-edge ideas. You may quickly escape the bustle of downtown with 800 varieties of plants that reflect various climates from across the world in a variety of stunning gardens and amazing biodomes.

Nature and art are skillfully combined in The Gardens by the Bay. Giant desert cacti and a man-made mountain with a stunning cascade may be found nearby. Find gigantic sleeping infants floating in the air later. However, the Supertree Grove is the experience’s most enduring feature. The grove contains a number of tall “trees” that are joined by a canopy walkway.

Supertree Grove

At the Supertree Grove, there is a lovely light and music show every night, which makes the tree structures come to life and give you the impression that you have a mystical, fairy-tale-like experience. So be sure to check out this free light and music show when you visit the Gardens of the Bay after dark. Daily opening hours are 9:00 to 21:00. Daily, 5:00 to 2:00 for the outdoor gardens.

Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club

The largest bird singing club in all of Southeast Asia, Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club is beautifully situated at the foot of a hill in Ang Mo Kio Garden West, in north Singapore. A large parkland with a few poles that are 20 feet tall is present. The poles are hung with a variety of ornamented bird cages. The birds in the cages chirp in perfect time with one another, generating an incredibly lovely sound as the cages wave in the breeze.

The facility can hold up to 100 cages, and there are a variety of bird species on display here, including Jambul, red-whiskered bulbul, Mata Puteh, white-rumped shama, Hwa mei, magpie robin, and red siskin skylark. In addition, regular singing competitions are held by the Kebun Baru Bird Singing Club, and they are pure entertainment. Your journey to Singapore will be completely rewarding if you hear the chirping of so many different bird species.

This bird singing club also has a designated area where birds are kept free for viewing and adoration. A macaw, several birds, and a sulfur-crested cockatoo will perform an outstanding parrot parade for visitors. Although this establishment is open every day of the week, weekend traffic is the busiest.

Go for drinks at a rooftop bar

Drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar is among the most distinctive things to do in Singapore in 4 days. These rooftop bars are the perfect destination for you if you enjoy spending your evenings alone in contemplation. From above, Singapore’s skyline appears weird as well. After an exhilarating day of sightseeing in Singapore, you may visit Marina Gardens Drive and Orchard Road, which both offer some fantastic options.

Singapore Grand Prix: A Must-Watch

The Singapore Grand Prix, the first night race in Formula 1, has always been a leader in entertainment, innovation, and exciting racing. Just to name a few, you ought to schedule your trip to match race day. The world’s quickest racers may be seen against the picturesque setting as the street circuit winds its way around Marina Bay.

While some neighboring hotels provide views of the race from their pricy balconies, the race’s central position makes it simple to go from downtown to the track. In addition, the Singapore Grand Prix is well known for its fan entertainment, which includes a variety of trackside celebrations, interactive activities, and on-track performances with A-list musicians.

The main event begins on Sunday night during the 4-day race weekend that typically takes place in September. With redBus, purchasing bus tickets online is simple.

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