Online gaming has always been a preferred option for players all over the world. With the latest crisis surrounding COVID-19, there have been some changes in the industry. While layoffs from jobs and financial problems have been an issue around the world, many people have still turned to leading online casinos as a way to cope with stress and get a reality break. Overall, online purchases, both at retail sites and online casinos have increased since March 2020, when the pandemic started to boom.

Online gambling has proven to be a great outlet for people. This is one industry that has seen a rise in sales and revenue during the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, online casinos expect continued growth as a result and these sites are actually doing better than brick-and-mortar casinos that have been shuttered as a result of lockdowns all over the world.

We want to make sure you have the latest information, especially if you are a fan of online gambling. Get all of the latest industry updates and access to the newest casinos and online games at Casinokokemus, and enjoy a secure way to engage in real money play during this current global crisis. Here, we take a closer look at some changes that can be expected post COVID-19.

Expect Better Bonuses

With the increase in new members at online casinos and online sportsbooks, you can expect better paying bonuses in the coming months. The pandemic has caused a huge increase in the number of real money players engaging in gambling online. Based on the information noted at, US online casinos have seen tremendous growth, with some sites having a 25% increase in March 2020 alone.

Due to this rise in the number of new players online, there will be better bonuses and more offers being presented to players. There are a few reasons for this. One is to continue to attract new members even after COVID-19. Casinos want to make sure there are always new players signing up, so some great welcome bonused will become available.

There will also be changes in online sites operating in the UK. Many sites in Britain are now offering casino bonuses with low or no wagering requirements. This is mostly offered at bingo sites, but you will also find this occurring at leading online casinos. In short, the rest of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 will be a great time to create a new member account at top-rated sites.

You will find the highest paying bonuses with the lowest requirements, allowing you to quickly get started enjoying a safe and secure gambling experience from home or by using a mobile device.

The Rise of E-Sports

With the lack of any traditional sports being played, online sites that support betting on e-Sports have seen a huge increase in the number of members and bettors. The e-Sports industry has not felt the harsh effects of COVID-19 and there are still many indoor events and tournaments that are being played. For those that like to wager on sports at online sportsbooks or casinos that also support sports betting, e-Sports has been the only option provided.

The rise of e-Sports is not expected to fall after COVID-19 passes. In fact, the industry expects an increase in revenue, viewers, and those that wager at online sites. Even though some competitions have been canceled, many are still taking place online, providing a great way for sports enthusiasts to continue wagering and winning even though traditional professional sports are not being played. New members are seeing why e-Sports betting is so popular and a number of these new members will continue to place e-Sports wagers and will most likely combine that with traditional sports betting.

The current e-Sports boom means great things for the industry. Many fans who have normally bet on traditional sports have turned their attention to eSports and are placing bets on competitive games and tournaments. While many fans will return to placing their bets on professional sports when the pandemic settles down, online sites that specialize in e-Sports betting have no concerns. They believe the pandemic will have a long term positive effect on business and many of the current members will in fact remain loyal to the sites.

Customer Retention Concerns

Even though there has been a huge increase in the number of players engaging in online gaming, there are concerns for post COVID-19. In the information provides at, you can see how the industry has enjoyed a boom during the pandemic. However, the concern is whether loyalty will remain after land casinos start to open and operate again.

For online operators that have been offering real money games and access for many years, the number won’t change much. In fact, it is believed that new players will continue to sign up and enjoy the convenience of playing from home or on their mobile devices. Mobile gambling will definitely continue to grow and with more casinos offering mobile platforms, this will surely become the future of gaming online.

Established online casinos do not have too many fears in regards to player retention post COVID-19. Players who are members at these sites already understand the great benefits of gambling online. Many of these sites believe they will continue to see an increase in the number of players. Since the initial outbreak, players around the world have turned their attention to online casinos to enjoy playing their favorite games since land casinos have been shuttered. This will not simply come to an end.

Overall, the gaming industry has already benefitted from the pandemic and will continue to grow over the coming months and years. With easy access, trusted payment options, super bonuses that are not featured at land casinos, a wider assortment of games, and the ability to play live dealer games, many players who used to frequent land casinos will see that playing online actually offers a better experience overall.

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