It’s funny how games like “Minecraft” are created to mimic life. After all, that’s where the excitement is. A game is not a game when you can finish the levels without breaking a sweat, idiomatically speaking. 

Similar to real life, food is a vital resource in “Minecraft.” Without digging into food and filling their stomachs, players in the game’s Survival Mode cannot run. If their tummies are empty, players will gradually lose hearts and starve. You don’t want this. 

There are several different food sources in the game. Some are animal-based, while others are more eco-friendly. That is, there’s food for every type of player in “Minecraft.” Let’s rank the best food sources in this game.  

Best Food Sources In ‘Minecraft’

1. Enchanted Golden Apple

We’re not kidding when we say that when food is “enchanted,” it has to be great. This goes true in “Minecraft.” For example, the Enchanted Golden Apple is considered the best of the bunch.

The moment you eat it, it grants you much more powerful effects. It gives you 4 Hunger Points, 9.6 Hunger Saturation, Regeneration II for 20 seconds, Regeneration IV for half a minute, Absorption IV for two minutes, Resistance for five minutes, and Fire Resistance for another five minutes. Even if you look at the other food sources on this list, you won’t doubt the Enchanted Golden Apple is the best. 

2. Golden Carrot

If it’s not enchanted, it has to be golden, and the Golden Carrot in the game is also impressive. It restores 3 Drumsticks, which, by the way, is less than some of the other food sources here. But you’ll be amazed at how it can replenish a total of a whopping 14.4 Saturation Points. Concerning that, it’s the second-best Saturation-restoring item in “Minecraft,” just trailing behind the Suspicious Stew. However, this Carrot is ranked high here because it is stackable to 64 items, that’s right. 

Because they hugely restore Saturation, Golden Carrots will keep you full longer, saving you time as you don’t have to look for food too often.

3. Golden Apple

Not even Snow White had a Golden Apple. In real life, apples are good for the health. In the gaming world, Golden Apples are even better. Gold is an abundant resource in the Minecraft universe, so players can even find gold edible. 

Golden Apples grant 4 Hunger Points, Regeneration II for five seconds, and Absorption for two whole minutes. As they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Does this hold true for Golden Apples in “Minecraft”? It’s up to you to find out.

4. Suspicious Stew With Saturation Effect

Are you going to eat a stew that’s suspicious? You’ll think twice, won’t you? As you wouldn’t know what will happen to you after. But, “Minecraft” players will risk their lives and eat the Suspicious Stew.

Notably, the Suspicious Stew with Saturation Effect in the game is the best Saturation-restoring and the runner-up for the best Hunger-restoring food source in “Minecraft.” Just eating one of these can refill a massive 21.2 Saturation Points and 6.5 Drumsticks. Sadly, those are not enough to make it the best food source in the game. 

Why? Suspicious Stews don’t stack. Players can only have one Stew for each inventory slot, which is never ideal when you are bound to explore and want to acquire tons of new items and blocks. 

Make a Suspicious Stew with one red and brown Mushroom, then a bowl and a Blue Orchid or Dandelion. You may also buy it from farmer villagers. 

5. Cooked Meats (Steak, Chicken, Pork Chop, Salmon, And Mutton)

Meat lovers will find their pleasures satisfied in “Minecraft.” Coming in at number five are Cooked Meats. Like in real life, every meat in this game can be obtained from fishing salmon, or slaughtering cows, pigs, chickens, or sheep. Once you have your raw piece of meat, get started cooking it to garner Hunger Points for your health, as well as valuable experience points. 

Here’s a rundown of those Meats with their nourishment value:

  • Steak – 4 Hunger Points and 12.8 Hunger Saturation
  • Chicken – 3 Hunger Points and 7.2 Hunger Saturation
  • Pork Chop – 4 Hunger Points and 12.8 Hunger Saturation
  • Salmon – 3 Hunger Points and 9.6 Hunger Saturation
  • Mutton – 3 Hunger Points and 9.6 Hunger Saturation


6. Bread

The ultimate staple, Bread is at number six on this list. It is an average food item in “Minecraft,” replenishing only 2.5 Drumstick Hunger Points and 6 Saturation Points by eating a piece. So, why did we include Bread on this list? 

The reason is straightforward. Compared to other food sources, bread is extremely easy to get early in the game. Villages generate full Hay bale blocks that you can further break down into Hay. With only three pieces of hay, you can make a piece of bread on your crafting table.

7. Baked Potato

Baked Potatoes are for every self-sustaining “Minecraft” gamer, as you can learn to farm them. Once you have a bunch of regular Potatoes, make some Baked Potatoes instead of just waiting for them to spoil and risk poisoning yourself. A Baked Potato can provide 2.5 Hunger Points and 6 Hunger Saturation. They may not be French fries, but they’re delicious and healthy.

More Must-Eat Food In ‘Minecraft’

These food sources also deserve a place on this list:

  • Cake
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Honey Bottle
  • Carrots
  • Chorus Fruit
  • Sweet Berries


As you can see, the best food sources in “Minecraft” are not the most flavorful or the rarest. The criteria are all about which are easiest to obtain and fill the most Hunger bars for the most prolonged period. Check out this list when you need a guide on the most ideal food sources in the game.

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