Berserk, known in Japan as The Sword-Wind Romance: Berserk, is a 1997 anime adaptation and series licensed by MVM Entertainment, Madman Entertainment and AnimeWorks, and produced by OLM, Inc.

It was in 1997 when Berserk was first broadcast on Nippon Television in the East Asian country. Despite taking away plot threads and key characters, the series has been viewed as a critical and commercial success. The series ran until March 1998. 

Naohito Takahashi directed Berserk, while Oriental Light and Magic produced it. It is based on a manga series. 

However, changes had to be made to make the animated series fit within 25 episodes. Characters like Puck, Skull Knight, Donovan, The Count, Theresia, and Wyald were removed, as well as the opening scene with the Female Apostle. Also, the Count’s story, Guts’ fight with Wyald, and many other explicit scenes have been heavily edited, removing much of the gore in favor of heavy blood splatter instead of brains, eyeballs, innards, and others flying all over the place. The intercourse scene between Casca and Guts was also removed, as well as Femto’s rape of Casca. 

Berserk sounds so exciting from the earlier’s explanation. So for those who have not watched this 1997 delight and wish to watch the series, here are the platforms that stream it. 

Where To Stream Berserk


You can watch Berserk on Netflix. Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that offers its members a platform to stream movies and web series. There are several subscription packages to choose from, according to your liking.

Netflix operates across various devices, including smart TVs, game consoles, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, MacBooks, and so much more.  

The Plot Of Berserk

Guts, a man who will someday be known as the Black Swordsman, is a young traveling mercenary characterized by the colossal greatsword he carries. He accepts jobs that offer the most money, but he never stays with one group for long until he meets the Band of the Hawk. Ambushed after fulfilling an assignment, Guts crushes many of its members in combat. Griffith, the Band of the Falcon’s leader and founder, takes an interest in Guts and duels him. While others are no match for Guts, Griffith defeats him with just one blow. 

Incapacitated and taken into the Band of the Hawk’s camp for recovery, Guts wakes up two days later. He confronts Griffith, who previously defeated him, and the two duel again, only this time with a condition. The condition: Guts will join the Band of the Falcon if he loses. Due to his fresh injuries, Guts loses the fight again and is inducted by Griffith. 

After three years, Guts has become one of the Band of the Hawk’s commanders. On the battlefield, his combat prowess is second only to Griffith as he takes on sizable groups of enemies all on his own. With Guts’ immense strength and Griffith’s leadership, the Band of the Hawk dominates every battle they participate in. But something frightening lurks in the shadows, threatening to change Guts’ life forever. 

Immerse Yourself In Some Japanese Anime From The 1990s

So that was all about where you can watch this 1997 Japanese anime, Berserk. It may be only available ionone streaming platform for now, Netflix, but this will never tarnish the fact that Berserk is such a classic anime show from the 1990s. Feel free to share this article online. 

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