Are you curious about what it takes to succeed in business? Do you ever wonder why some companies thrive through tough times and others don’t? A good product is vital to business success but does not protect you from failure.

For instance, Apple is the world’s most valuable company as of January 2022. Its products are sleek and easy to use. But it’s not only their products that make their customers happy. If you visit any iStore, you’ll experience superior customer service and in-store experiences.

Businesses like Apple are successful because they have a strategy linked to a goal. Apple focuses on exceptional user experience. Its business strategy is to keep customers in mind in every business activity.

A good product is not enough to succeed in business; you must support it with a good and sound strategy.

So what else do you need to take care of to thrive like Apple?

Risks and Failures

Managing a business comes with many risks. These risks can lower a company’s profits or destroy the business. Anything threatening your ability to achieve your goals is a business risk. There are physical, location, human, and strategic risks. And now, we also have technology risks due to ground-breaking information technologies.

Physical risks include fire, explosions, slips, and toxic substances. In contrast, location risks involve storms, floods, and other natural disasters. And, of course, human risks concern drug or alcohol abuse, fraud, and other workplace crimes.

A business requires established procedures to mitigate, control, and respond to these risks. Fire alarms, evacuation routes, and insurance are parts of business risk management.

Apart from that, a successful entrepreneur must include cybersecurity in risk management. A data breach costs companies, on average, $4.24 million in losses, a price you would not want to pay.

Cloud storage is one of the tools cybersecurity experts recommend for businesses. It allows you to control access to sensitive business information your competitors might be itching to get their hands on. For it to be effective, your chosen cloud storage must have end-to-end encryption. This feature reduces data exposure in case of data breaches.


Ensure that your product or service stays competitive. Pick a type of business with minimal competition. Your business plan must ensure you have the bulk of the market share. Your long-term strategy must be to build a strong brand, making it hard for others to enter the marketplace.

Human Resources Management

Human resources are the individuals who conduct the work within an organization, including their expertise, skills, and capabilities. Their efforts help businesses meet their objectives. Human is vital in running a business in our competitive world.

Human resource management (HRM) uses an organization’s workforce to improve its performance. And this task is no child’s play. It demands incredible skills, knowledge, and experience.

HRM is one of the most significant challenges facing business owners today. It’s not only HRM professionals who must meet the challenge. It is the duty of all managers throughout an organization.

HRM is the practice of getting things accomplished through other people. You can only meet your business goals through effective human resources management. Companies have access to the same technology and information. It is the individuals within them that make a difference in business performance.


A profitable business strategy is essential for any company in today’s business climate. A great and unique product is not good enough anymore. Businesses fail when their product is their only saving grace. The competition could achieve equal status somewhere down the road. The key to succeeding in business is to accompany an exceptional product with a sustainable competitive advantage through effective risk and human resource management.

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