A recent QA with Apple’s vice president Tim Twerdahl on Siri Remote is a hot topic (and issue). Everybody was eager for Siri Remote to include AirTag finally. Twerdahl explained the reasons. The latest Apple TV has an A12 Bionic Chip. This article will teach you about the new Siri Remote and AirTag. 

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Why is Siri Remote not equipped with AirTag? The explanation is with the recent conversation with Time Twerdahl. You will also learn about how to prevent your Siri Remote from getting lost.

Here Is Why The New Apple TV Remote Does Not Have AirTag-Style Tracking

When Apple introduced its revamped Siri Remote together with the new Apple TV 4K, there was this common question – why didn’t Apple give it the same ultra wideband item tracking technology found in AirTags? The company has released an explanation, though this might not thrill you. 

VP Tim Twerdahl said in his interview with MobileSyrup that there is less need for AirTag-like tracking as it not only stays at home but is also thick enough that it “won’t fall in your couch cushions as much.” In other words, you are less likely to lose it in the first place. 

It would not be surprising if there were other factors too. UWB support could increase the remote’s cost, for instance. It will not likely affect battery life, as AirTags are designed and made to be passive and wring out up to a year of use, even with a standard cell battery. This Siri Remote uses a much higher-capacity lithium pack. 

Whatever the reasons are, you will have to find your control the old-fashioned way – or use your iPhone until you stumble across the remote hidden under your pillow.

DIYs For Couch Proofing Your Siri Remote

Without the AirTag present on Siri Remote, it can easily get lost in between your couch. Or worse, anywhere in your living room. Here are some ways that people can do to make sure their Siri Remote does not get misplaced all the time. One of the best solutions is to find a case for your Siri Remote. This way, you can put the AirTag on the case. Problem solved. 

Another way, though a bit old school, is to use velcro. You can use velcro to join AirTag and Siri Remote. It may not be the best, but it is effective if you keep losing your Siri Remote over and over again. Or, use a double-sided tap if you cannot find any velcro.


Now you have known the recent Siri Remote buzz with Apple VP Tim Twerdahl. You have also learned to consider placing your remote in a protective case to prevent it from getting lost, then attaching an AirTag to your case. Keep on browsing our website for more discussions about technology.

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