Tetris is one of the world’s most-liked, admired, and favored games. This 36 years old game was invented back in 1984, by a Soviet scientist named Alexey Pajitnov. Even after 36 years of its creation, the vogue and popularity of this game don’t seem to be fading anywhere. To see where it stands among other retro games.

Within a short period, it became the most favored game around the globe. It has become the most best-selling video game with 150 million copies sold since its first publicize and release.

This easy-to-play game has taken over all the hearts, whether it is a 16-year-old boy or a 40-year-old aunt. Everyone loves playing this alluring video game. The prolonged history behind Tetris started back in Moscow in 1984 when Alexey felt his inspiration for his favorite puzzle games and decided to move along with the idea of tetrominoes. It is a shape made out of single squares connected forming a different shape. With this idea, he was able to create a puzzle in which the player has to fit the block altogether to complete the row. Nintendo played a big role in making this game a global play which it is today. Different variations have been made since then, and people love the new variation and are still alluring this game.

Logic-Driven Game

This trouble-free and easy game seeks to arrange and pile up differently shaped and colored blocks to remove a line. The player can rotate and tilt them in every direction and handlings and can earn points on completing rows, which then disappear and vanish. A wide, mind-driven game isn’t just a game. It exists in its monarchy and kingdom of games. It just doesn’t demand physical efforts, it’s mentally energizing and restoring. It challenges the gamer, at an emotional level of winning or losing. The game aims to make lines full of blocks without any gap in between them. AlthoughTetris is a very simple game, it appeals, compels, and pleads many players visually and intellectually.

Physically Demanding And Exercising Game

Tetris demands some physical efforts we don’t realize while giving out, as it is not so evident and apparent. It is far more demanding than the average video game. Especially, when the player passes level 10 and above. Since, in this game, the player is assigned against an opponent player, there isn’t any limit to the game. This refers that there is no end to this game, and one can reach a higher level as one could. Therefore, the players hone to use their physical abilities such that, eye and hand coordination and the speed of controlling the consoles, because the highest possible Tetris score is infinity. Due to body limitations, eye and hand controlling, no human has reached the Tetris highest scores yet. Therefore, Tetris is an infinitely physically demanding, difficult, and testing game.

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Mentally Stimulating Game

The players interact with the game and its gaming array. A player often follows a specific pattern, plan of action, and a blueprint to play. Without any doubt, this mental stimulation is the reason behind the favoritism of the game by famous philosophers. A famous and legendary Russian philosopher also stated that this puzzle indirectly helps a human brain energize and it demonstrates the human ability to analyze, look over and peruse the gaming situation, and anticipate accordingly. Tetris enhances the mental ability to play and pile up boxes according to the game’s situation.

Emotionally Challenging

Tetris isn’t just a form of entertainment, it’s a player’s intimate closest friend. It is an example of magnitude and greatness between the player and the game. Although this bond can result in severe cases such as cult suicide. A player to reach the highest score strives for the goal with an emotional union. This emotional immensity between this game helps the player to attain more score, and therefore a player loves to be in the game, and score even higher than the opponent.

Mathematical Algorithms

We have often seen parents scolding their children, for playing video games for hours. But even parents are happy seeing their children playing Tetris. Tetrominoes are often used as a way to educate and upskill on mathematics, a subject everyone hates to study. These puzzles can be solved through different mathematical algorithms. To have a good and steady command of Tetris and its different variations, one can learn and engage in mathematics. Therefore, it is observed that parents also encourage their children to play this game, as this increases their mathematical skills.

Minimizes The Cravings Of Narcotics, Drugs, And Bad Activities

Playing Tetris decreases the cravings for drugs, narcotics, and other poor activities. The ratio of its deduction is 50 to 70% and it is proven by cognitive researches. Playing visually interesting and striking games like Tetris enhances the mental processes that support and holds up imagery. Therefore people play this video as their favored game. It is also recommended by reputed therapists and different philosophers for its ability to process mental abilities.

Different scientists have found that most therapists are finding relations between video games and removing mental strain from a patient’s life. They are suggesting the beneficial effects of the game on their patients.

A player may decide to play just for 10 minutes, but it is difficult to deny one more round of exciting blocks and one more. This keeps going. Its uniqueness makes Tetris more exciting. There are no enemies to beat, no goal to strive for. It’s a visual treat to your eyes, which compels you to play it again and again. Addiction to the game is worth it, as it plays a part in preventing you from the bad influences of drugs etc. So if you are looking for a way to ease your stress and vanish all the bad vibes, give it a try. This addictive and alluring puzzle might give you the right amount of fun and mental exercise at the same time.