BTC Dice - Why is the bitcoin dice game one of the most popular on online casinos?

Several Bitcoin casinos are all over the online gambling community, but the most peculiar is the Bitcoin dice casinos. The reason for these ranges from the concept of the Bitcoin dice game and the thrills that come with the rolling of dice. Note, however, that the Bitcoin dice games mean you play with cryptocurrency, bitcoin. So, both your stakes and potential earnings are paid in Bitcoin. Bitcoin dice games are pretty easy to play, and that also adds to why several online gamblers are always looking forward to the Bitcoin dice games. Once your wager is set, all you need do is click the roll button, and the game is on, unlike the physical casino where you get to throw the dice, which most times might have been rigged.

Several individuals still find the BTC dice game a little complex, majorly because they have recorded more losses than wins, and it’s normal to think in this direction. Nonetheless, these games remain the most straightforward online casino games you can play, especially with cryptocurrencies.

Why do gamblers play Bitcoin dice games?

Stating accurately some of the reasons behind the popularity of the Bitcoin dice game is somewhat easy. The concept of the whole game is 100% straightforward, meaning even as a newbie, you can get the hand of the game almost immediately. Here are some of the reasons why this variant is quite popular

● Very low house edge:

More than other games, the Bitcoin dice game has a relatively low house edge. Know that with dice games, there are reductions in the advantages the house has over the player. Hence, BTC dice games are one with an even playground for both the players and the platform. Because of this singular reason, several online platforms decided to make the Bitcoin dice game the top game on their online casino hence, an avenue to promote and publicize it. Every player wants to win, and the Bitcoin dice game gives you that opportunity to showcase your gambling expertise by playing on platforms with a comparatively lower house edge.

This process is automated and one of the several reasons why the online casino platform is preferred compared to the physical casino. You don’t need to throw the dice or try rolling as many figures as you want. You can achieve the throw with a button.

● Anonymity:

One of the essential characteristics of gambling with cryptocurrency is anonymity. Unlike fiat gambling, where you must submit your bank details, residential address, and other personal information for verification, bitcoin dice games do not include those. In fact, since you are depositing and withdrawing crypto, all you need to do is provide your correct wallet address for deposits and withdrawal of stakes and winning, respectively. You don’t need to share your biodata with your platform or any other third-party platform before you can make or withdraw payment. So it’s 100% secured. Your identity is protected, as some individuals do not want to be affiliated with gambling, either based on personal reasons or other cogent excuses. The fact remains if you’re going to keep your identity anonymous while on online casinos, chose the BTC dice gambling platforms.

● Fast deposits and withdrawals:

This is one of the most important reasons why the Bitcoin dice games, or why online gambling platforms, are popular than traditional gambling. With the physical gambling at the casino house, you get to maintain and observe a long queue of deposits and withdrawals. So, it mostly takes a more extended period before your transactions are processes (both deposits and withdrawals). Most players lose interest in the game they intend to play as a payment method was a significant barrier, and it was starting to affect the sales of casino houses. But for technology, we now have casino houses online where you don’t have to observe long queues before making your deposits and withdrawals. These online platforms are now adopting cryptocurrencies to increase transaction speed for deposits and withdrawals to make gambling more enjoyable. Transactions related to cryptos are faster compared to traditional fiat.

Aside from bitcoin being the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin is such that it’s pretty easy to use and transfer. It is the perfect means of exchange and the main reason why it is mainly preferred on online casinos. Bitcoin, even to date, remains the widely used cryptocurrency and most feasible inasmuch as winning on online casinos is concerned. About 200+ bitcoins were won on an online casino in 2016. Playing online casinos with bitcoin could also serve as a form of investment as bitcoin price is not stable.

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