Cryptocurrency offers the player clear and significant advantages in casino games. Try playing with BTC for the first time – thoughts of playing with fiat money will surely go to the farthest and dustiest shelf. Here are the main advantages of Bitcoin in online gambling:

Security and Safety First


The first point is mandatory and uncompromising. A virtual gambling house must keep users’ funds under maximum protection. The same concerns their personal information, even if it is just an email address. Avoid cryptocurrency casinos that “do not pass” on this point.

The need to use strong passwords for any site you use cannot be overstated, especially if it is related to financial transactions. This means using a unique password for your Bitcoin Casino account. Your password should include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols. It is also recommended to use different passwords for each one if you plan to play on different Bitcoin gambling sites.

Blockchain sites are the most secure. But even regular crypto casinos are safer than gambling sites accepting fiat.

Client data, screenshots of identity documents, and money transfers are protected by cryptography methods. This is the most updated and secure approach.

Personal information leakage to third-party databases and the scammers’ hands is excluded.

Transparency Is Important

Transparency and openness of the base. Transactions of the crypto casinos, which were carried out since the first deposit are reflected in full, they cannot be deleted or corrected. Accordingly, having access to the public key you can get a full history of transactions, as well as data on the account status.

Convenience and Affordability

In the crypto casino world, more and more gamblers are now very much appreciating the convenience of crypto casinos and there are several reasons why:

  • The best crypto casinos take great care to ensure that the site has a user-friendly and high-quality interface
  • The spread of blockchain technology in the field of gambling allows you to increase significantly the transparency of the gameplay, which positively affects both the profitability of gaming sites, and the comfort of the gamblers
  • Thanks to cryptocurrency payments through decentralized systems, both client and casino have the opportunity to save on transfer fees.


Game Variety


With a major increase in the number of gamblers, the developers of crypto casino sites are trying to please everyone. In the crypto casino you choose, you will find something that will satisfy your excitement:

  • Bitcoin Slots – Slots certainly need no introduction, but more and more bitcoin and cryptocurrency slots are making their way into casinos.
  • Blackjack – No casino experience is complete without blackjack.
  • Roulette – Like blackjack, roulette is another classic that needs no introduction.
  • Dice games – The dice game has been a player favorite for centuries, and now there is a selection of bitcoin games that are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Lotteries – You may have once played bingo in your country, so you understand that it’s all about picking your lucky numbers, waiting for the drawing, and hopefully winning some money. Now you can start playing bitcoin lotteries online and win bitcoins.
  • Poker – if you are a poker fan, you should definitely try the different bitcoin poker sites.

However, some cryptocurrency casinos with a faucet offer completely different entertainment. They resemble mini-games in some online gaming sites: graphics are kept to a minimum, there is no plot, only graphics, and a betting field. The purpose of such portals is to give an opportunity to win a share of cryptocurrencies.

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