Does the PlayStation 5, the latest PlayStation console from Sony, appear too heavy and bulky for you? Then you should brace yourself for the PlayStation 5 Slim, rumored to be released later this year. Here are some things we know about this slinkier console, from its speed to price.

How fast will the PS5 Slim be?

Let’s not stall you any longer, as we reveal that while the PS5 Slim will be faster than the PS5, speculations say this upcoming console will only be “slightly faster.”

The upcoming PS5 Slim will likely share the same spec sheet with the currently available PS5. However, the major difference will be an improvement in power efficiency and, of course, a slimmer package. Sony has not improved its computer hardware since 2020, and if this trend continues, there isn’t so much that the upcoming PS5 Slim will bring to the table. 

Furthermore, some reports say most games released on PS5 do not nearly use its full capabilities, let alone be bottlenecked by the AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) powering it. 

What about the specs?

There are also rumors saying that Sony will implement an upgraded 5 nm process node for the upcoming PS5 Slim console. According to leaks originally published by the YouTuber RedGamingTech, Sony had already booked TSMC 5 nm chips that are expected to enter mass production very soon. 

So, aside from the fact that the upcoming PS5 Slim console will be slightly faster, it will also be slightly more powerful, refined, and smaller than the PS5 console, according to rumors circulating about it. Also, while the difference in gaming performance will be there, this will not be big. Speculations reveal that PS5 Slim will sit within the same tier as PS5 upon its launch. 


Of course, you also want to know the price of the PS5 Slim. Well, reports and rumors say it is targeting a cheaper $400 price tag. 

Moreover, this price range will help Sony sell more units, pushing adoption figures. 

Launch date

The release date for the PS5 Slim console will be later this year, or perhaps even next year, according to rumors. 

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Sony so far about the rumored PS5 Slim console. However, with the availability of PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim, and PS4 Slim, the PS5 Slim might just come to fruition. 

So far, many are also speculating about what the PS5 Slim will look like. There are several rumors about its design, such as this

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