“The Sims 4,” being a life simulation game, is pretty much like discovering real life, such as endowing your Sims with Traits. In real life, you will mostly be born with traits that will manifest throughout your life’s journey. Similarly, in “The Sims 4,” you give your Sims their Traits from the moment you create your Sim. 

Traits in “The Sims 4,” obviously, refer to the characteristics or qualities that belong to a Sim. Several Traits are available for your Sim, such as Genius, Dance Machine, Child of the Ocean, Socially Awkward, Wild, and so much more. 

However, despite the vastness of your choices, some “The Sims 4” players still find the options very limited. So, they turn to Trait mods. With this kind of mods, you can add an oomph to your “The Sims 4” gameplay, particularly concerning your Sim’s Traits. What are the best Trait mods out there? Let’s find out. 

‘The Sims 4’: Best Trait Mods

1. Best Choice: 100 Base Game Traits Pack

For those who find mod-less Traits in “The Sims 4” significantly limiting, you can consider using this mod by Vicky Sims. The modder has compiled over a hundred different Traits rolled into one mod. Of course, many of the Traits here are not found in a mod-less game, and the list includes Determined, Eccentric, Hyper, Shy, Optimistic, Slow-Witted, and so much more. If you are looking for more Traits choices, this one’s for you. 

2. More CAS Traits

While this mod does not basically add Traits, they instead add more Traits slots so you can assign more Traits than the game’s standard number. One of the best parts here is that Infants can now have two Traits assigned to them with this mod. 

Aside from two Traits slots for Infants, there are also now three Trait slots for Toddlers, eight slots for Children, 10 for Teens, 13 for Young Adults, 15 for Adults, and 13 for Elders. You can’t have enough.

3. Zodiac Signs Mod

If you are a fan of zodiac signs or you often read your horoscope, you will appreciate this Trait mod by Radiophobe. 

Basically speaking, this Trait mod adds all the zodiac signs into the game, so if you want your Sim to manifest the zodiac sign you created them with, they can do certain activities and have hobbies suited to their sign. As horoscopes also talk about compatibilities, will this mod ever forget compatibility features with other Sims of certain zodiac types?

4. The Sims 4 Royalty Mod

For those who want their Sims to live like royalties in the game, this mod by llazyneiph is for you. For instance, this mod introduces the Monarch Trait, which practically enables your Sim to knight others, yes, and bestow titles on them to add to your regal household – just like the life of a royalty!

Aside from that, other features of this mod include a new Missing Royal aspiration wherein your Sim discovers their secret inheritance; new Class Traits like Peasant, Middle Class, and Gentry, which are based on either lot value, household funds, or both; new Social Events such as Coronations and Royal Audiences; Heirs to the throne; and a whole lot more. Get this mod today.

5. Dale Deaf Trait

Meanwhile, for those who want to introduce their Sim to the life of a person with special needs and add more inclusivity to your households, this Dale Dafe Trait mod by DaleRune is a must-try. 

As the name implies, this mod introduces the Deaf trait, as well as Lip Reading and SSL, which allow your Sims to learn, regardless of whether or not they are deaf. It adds more realism to the gameplay, right?

6. Misery Traits

Life won’t be called life without miseries, right? And if you want your “The Sims 4” gameplay to simulate real life as much as possible, try this Misery Traits mod. 

You’ll have negative Traits like Dry Skin, Fame Jealous, Alien Hater, Allergic To Dogs/Cats, Hates Vampires, Chronic Headaches, Hay Fever, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. The options also include Can’t Stand Cold, Hates Heat, Asthmatic, and Allergic To Magic.

What’s even more fun is that this mod also provides exciting story scenarios, such as having a Child born from Spellcasters but is Allergic To Magic and struggling to find belongingness in this world; and the Fame Jealous Trait you can use in the “Get Famous” expansion pack.

7. Dungeons & Dragons Races As Traits

Do you love playing the fantasy tabletop role-playing game “Dungeons & Dragons”? Well, the game has collaborated with “The Sims 4”! Well, sort of.

This Dungeons & Dragons Races as Traits mod by Emoria adds 13 new traits to the game that represent all races introduced in the fifth edition of “Dungeons & Dragons.” Specifically, when equipped with a racial Trait, your Sim will then have preset features that correspond with that race. 

For one, Dwarves will gain a bonus for their Fitness and Handiness Skills, a night vision buff, and a special Dwarven greeting. If you’ve chosen Half-Elves, they will stop aging when they turn into Adults, gain an Elvish greeting, and have bonuses to physical, mental, and social skills.

This mod also introduces Chaotic Evil, Neutral Good, True Neutral, and Lawful Evil, among many others. 

Breathe Life To Your Sims

Be the parent you want for your Sims. A “The Sims 4” game without using mods is already great in itself. But, if you wish to discover things that give spice to real life, many mods are available around, such as the Trait mods you learned about earlier. Simply refer to this list if you need to know the best. Breathe life to your Sims!

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