World of Warcraft Mage Tower Is Back For A Limited Time

When the 9.1.5 patch arrives later this year, World of Warcraft will reintroduce the Mage Tower as part of the game’s timewalking feature. This limited-time event allows players to play content from earlier expansions to acquire gear scaled up to their appropriate level.

It takes place once a month for one week and is always themed around a new expansion. Patch 9.1.5 for World of Warcraft is also expected to introduce a slew of player-requested updates to the game.

The WoW community had mixed feelings about 9.1 when it was launched at the end of June. Many players complained that the amount of content introduced with the patch was far too little for a patch that took over seven months to complete and that it omitted many of the quality-of-life adjustments that gamers thought World of Warcraft required at the time. Since then, Blizzard has tried to restore player confidence by focusing 9.1.5 on user input, with some adjustments already removing improper allusions in World of Warcraft.


When Legion timewalking arrives in patch 9.1.5, community manager Kaivax confirmed the return of the Mage Tower in a recent post on the World of Warcraft forums. When it first debuted in World of Warcraft: Legion’s 7.2 patch, the Mage Tower was praised for providing a diverse set of difficulties for all classes in the game.

Players used to get cosmetic skins for their weapons if they completed the tasks, however they are no longer available. Blizzard claims that these things are still unavailable because it doesn’t want to undermine player achievement when cosmetics were first accessible.

Instead, druids will receive recolored World of Warcraft: Legion expansion armor sets and a new shapeshifting form. Those who complete all of the challenges will be awarded with the Soaring Spelltome, a soaring horse.

When the event is online, it will last two weeks before being cycled back into the timewalking rotation that Blizzard employs with their expansions. Timewalking is now available in six expansions, which means that players will be able to try their hand at the Mage Tower’s tasks twice a year.


Many players were angered by Blizzard’s decision to shut down The Mage Tower in the pre-patch for Battle For Azeroth. Not only did it present a good challenge for gamers, but it was also one of the game’s few pieces of solo content.

This isn’t the first time Blizzard has completely deleted stuff. Many famous questlines were also deleted over time, including the legendary Angrathar the Wrathgate questline. While the removal of decorative weapon skins is upsetting, Blizzard looks to be making a concerted attempt to regain player confidence by employing timewalking to save content that is no longer available.

In addition, the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic upgrades provide a slew of player-requested improvements. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of Blizzard paying more attention to user feedback than before.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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