It’s good news after good news for “Resident Evil” gamers. You know that “Resident Evil Village” has just launched its VR mode on Wednesday. But, did you know that Capcom, the developer behind the game series, has confirmed that it is now working on a VR mode as well for “Resident Evil 4”? Fascinated? Here’s the story.

‘Resident Evil Village’ VR mode

“Resident Evil Village” VR mode is now playable. This allows gamers to experience Capcom’s latest horror experience in a brand-new and immersive way.

If you desire to get up close and personal with the game’s most horrifying imageries and have a spooky old time, you are in great luck. “Resident Evil Village” has just been updated with full PlayStation VR2 support through free DLC, too, allowing you to dive into the terrifying yet wonderful world of “Resident Evil” with the use of your new headset.  

Everything is for free here. There is absolutely no additional cost for obtaining this piece of DLC, aside, of course, from investing in the PlayStation VR2 set. In other words, if you want to try this and have the hardware for it, you just need to download the update to start playing. 

However, remember that you may be unable to continue an existing save. Instead, you need to start a new file to play in virtual reality. So, you play from the start.

Work on the ‘Resident Evil 4’ remake VR mode has started, Capcom confirms

Last year, Capcom announced that “Resident Evil 4” would get “VR content.” However, the developer did not specify further details at that time.

Now, we have news about the VR mode of “Resident Evil 4,” as the Japanese Twitter channel of the game series has sent out two tweets commenting on its “VR content.” 

Translated to English, the tweet read, “Development of Resident Evil 4’s VR mode has begun! Stay tuned for more details!”

Another tweet said “Resident Evil 4’s” VR mode will be distributed as free DLC for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2.

Capcom spared no expense for “Resident Evil” VR mode, implementing hand controls, haptic elements, and foveated rendering, and refining the color scheme to make the game look as authentic as possible when played through the lens of the VR headset.

If “Resident Evil 4” receives the same treatment, it would be great news for the avid players of the game. However, unfortunately, we would have to wait for the very official confirmation from Capcom or Sony.

“Resident Evil 4” remake will be launched this March 23rd for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as for Xbox Series X and X, and PC. Since the VR content development has just started, this does not mean the release of the remake’s VR mode will also be on that date. 

Nevertheless, if you own a Meta Quest 2, you can already play “Resident Evil 4” in full virtual reality. Yet, the congenial VR port is still based on the original version from 2005, not on the modernized remake.

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