Legend of Zelda-Inspired Action Adventure Game ‘Tunic’ Finally Shares Development Progress

Developed by Andrew Shouldice, the upcoming Legend of Zelda-inspired title Tunic was initially announced three years ago, and now a promising look at the game’s development progress has been shared with the fans.

The indie game was unveiled during E3 2017, and at that time it was one of the most unique takes on the highly-renowned The Legend of Zelda franchise. When it was announced, many in the video game community couldn’t help but feel enamored by its adorable character design and colorful style.

Tunic is an action-adventure game that was originally titled Secret Legend. It follows the story of a small fox in a comparably massive and incredibly dangerous world. Just like the series it’s inspired from, Tunic has players exploring the expansive wilderness and old ruins they stumble upon. There’s a variety of terrible creatures that the little fox has to fight off, as well.


There are different sections in the game’s world, and these divisions can only be accessed by the players once a particular ability or item has been unlocked. It doesn’t completely follow the footsteps of the Zelda games though, as Tunic has a more isometric view — similar to a recent title by Supergiant Games called Hades.

Developer Andrew Shouldice and publisher Finji initially wanted to launch Tunic by 2019 on multiple platforms, namely on PC, Mac, and Xbox One, but the game was unfortunately delayed to July 1, 2020.

The developer recently had a quick chat with IGN, and those who have been patiently waiting for the game will be happy to know that Shouldice shared an update regarding the game’s progress along with an expected launch date.

IGN asked the lead developer how the game is progressing, to which Shouldice replied by saying that the past few years “have really hit their stride.” Fortunately, he goes on to say that the “game now ‘knows what it is’” so that definitely sounds like good news.

More specifically, the developer has finally completed the “larger overarching structure” of Tunic, he finds that it’s now much easier to include new content as well as refine the game.


The good news is that Shouldice brought more people on board the development team, including Cuphead’s lead programmer Eric Billingsley. When asked if Tunic will be getting a sure 2021 release, the lead developer couldn’t give a specific response.

However, he does admit that “more work has been done on this game in the past year than any year before,” so we might finally get to experience this adorable Zelda-inspired title soon. Given that the title’s release was pushed back, Shouldice was asked if COVID-19 contributed to slowing down the game’s progress.

While he does acknowledge that the pandemic did affect Tunic’s development in some way, the fact that they’re a small team helped alleviate what could have been a bigger issue if they were composed of more developers.

That being said, it’s nice to know that Tunic is coming along nicely, even though the interview with IGN concluded without a specific release date or window. In any case, we don’t want the developer to rush things anyway, as a game that’s released late is much better than a game full of bugs.

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