10 Best New Features Of Far Cry 5 New Game Plus

Far Cry 5 is a game that takes the player to the fictitious Hope County, Montana, where a sinister cult has taken over and is threatening the people’s way of life. To restore peace to Hope County, the player must complete numerous missions, destroy outposts, and stop each member of the Seed family.

After completing the game, the player will go on to Far Cry New Dawn, a spin-off set nearly two decades after the game’s surprising twist. However, if you’re not quite through with modern-day Hope County and are looking for a new adventure, Far Cry 5’s New Game+ mode may be worth a shot.

This feature was introduced to the game in 2018, and it has some pretty cool features that make re-playing the game worthwhile. Continue reading to learn about the top ten features of Far Cry 5’s New Game+ mode.

Players Can Keep Almost Everything


In Far Cry 5, starting over in New Game+ mode really means starting over. You’ve been returned to Dutch’s Island, so don’t be alarmed! All of your money, guns, and vehicles have been saved, so you’re not starting from scratch.

New Game+ is for those who have completed the game and want a new adventure as well as a chance to relive the whole game and plot. Fortunately, you get to have almost everything you got the first time you played the game, which is a pretty good aspect of New Game+ and comes in handy because those cultists aren’t easy to defeat.

Never Lose Prestige Weapons


We mean it when we tell you to get to hold everything. It makes no difference which weapons you’ve bought or unlocked; when you restart New Game+, you’ll have them all. So, if you’ve unlocked a Prestige Weapon that you don’t want to risk when you restart, don’t be concerned.

Another great feature of New Game+ is that you’ll have all of the money you earn in your game. So, if you’ve been saving up for a special weapon but haven’t quite made it yet, you won’t waste any of your savings and will be one step closer to being able to purchase it.

Quests Are Cleared


While you’ll have everything you’ve unlocked and bought in the campaign, you’ll lose all progress you’ve made throughout the tale. In that sense, New Game+ is a whole new game.

That means you’ll start with no quests completed and no resistance points in each Seed family member’s area, even though you’ll still have the skill points, costumes, and weapons you earned the first time you played.

Start Over Anytime


Once you’ve finished the story in New Game+, you can restart it as many times as you want. You don’t have to pause if you can’t get enough of hunting down cultists, fishing, and driving around beautiful Hope County.

You can restart the game as many times as you want, and certain features will apply each time. When you return to New Game+ and start again, the weapons you unlocked and purchased during the first round remain with you. You can restart the game without missing any objects as long as you’ve completed the plot.

New Infamous Difficulty


One of the most enticing aspects of New Game+ is the opportunity to test out a brand new difficulty level. If you think defeating the Seed family and their faithful supporters was too simple, New Game+ is the game for you.

It would be best if you tried your luck with the brand new Infamous difficulty after you’ve finished the game and gone to New Game+. The enemies are stronger, sharper, and have more health in this difficulty level than others. Best of luck with Faith’s Angels on this challenge!

New Achievements


You get more than just bragging rights if you complete New Game+ on Infamous difficulty. The game also has a brand new award that can only be unlocked by finishing the game on Infamous difficulty.

You only get this achievement once, much like the others. So it doesn’t matter how many times you complete the campaign on this new, harder difficulty level; you’ll only get the achievement once. However, having it once and being able to brag about taking on Far Cry 5’s hardest competition is pretty cool!

New Outfit


Isn’t a fantastic accomplishment enough? Another amazing reward awaits you if you complete New Game+ on Far Cry 5’s new Infamous difficulty, which was included with this mode. You will get a new uniform in addition to the achievement and a new pin on your Ubisoft Club page.

The Rook outfit is only available after completing New Game+ on Infamous difficulty. Like the other outfits and unlockables you will obtain in the game, this outfit will accompany you into subsequent games and remain with you any time you replay it.

Faster Cooldown For Guns For Hire


Guns for Hire are exclusive NPCs who can be summoned to your character to assist in the battle against cultists while you’re outmanned. Humans, such as Jess, and animals, such as Cheeseburger, are unlocked as you complete quests in the game.

If your Gun for Hire is “killed” when playing, they are merely dispatched before the cooldown timer expires, after which point they can be summoned. There’s a whole new perk in New Game+ that will reduce the cooldown time much more, ensuring they’ll be back with you even faster than before.

More Upgradeable Perks


There are other bonuses in New Game+ that you can spend points on in addition to updating your Guns for Hire to make them return quicker after being knocked out by enemies. Unfortunately, you won’t improve your fitness or other facets of your character in New Game+, however, you will improve your ammunition bags.

If you have unique weapons that you often use when tearing down cultist outposts, you’ll understand how important it is to keep such weapons well loaded with ammunition. Fortunately, New Game+ has rewards that will help you to improve your ammunition bags even further.

Keep All Perks and Points


Aren’t new perks fantastic? But what about all the old ones we acquired after our first playthrough? Don’t be concerned! When you enter New Game+, those are among the items you keep.

All of the perks you purchased when playing, as well as any unspent perk points you couldn’t determine what to do with, will accompany you. You can also take more perks with you through your next adventure from Hope County if you purchase them in New Game+.

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