Skins are an essential part of the whole CS:GO world. It’s now impossible to imagine playing the game without them. Ever since skins were introduced in 2013, their number has kept on growing. There are lots of different customizations for all weapons, stickers, and souvenirs.

Over time the whole CS:GO trade market has expanded and grown into a large economy. There are thousands of people earning money by trading, countless CS:GO trading sites, and many different strategies on how to trade.

During this period, we’ve seen a lot of crazy trades and purchases. Extremely rare skins can reach enormous prices on the market. So let’s see what the 15 biggest skin scores in CS:GO are.

StatTrak M4A4 Howl

The StatTrak M4A4 Howl skin will go down in history as the first-ever CS: GO skin to be sold for a six-figure number. It’s said that the skin was purchased for $130,000 on a third-party market by a player from China.

That’s one of the most expensive skins in all video games, not just CS:GO. This Chinese player is a collector of CS items, and it’s said that he has paid over $700,000 on all skins so far.

Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore with Pro StickersStatTrack Bayonet Crimson Web

A typical Dragon Lore AWP costs about $1500 as factory new. However, the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore has multiple sets of stickers from the 2018 Boston Major. That’s why it was sold for more than $61,000 in January 2018. There are others available out there, and they all pack at a good price as well.

Karambit Case Hardened Factory New

This Karambit is also one of the top-scoring skins in Counter-Strike history. It has a marbleizing visual on it, along with a variety of unique metallic paints. Like other curved knives, it comes with a reverse grip. This skin was sold at $100,000, making it the most expensive knife in the game.

AWP Medusa

Just as the name implies, the AWP Medusa skin has a picture of this mythic creature alongside the whole rifle. The gorgon and custom paint are surrounded by black color, making it look dangerous and breath-taking. It’s a perfect skin for a one-shot weapon.

AK-47 | Fire Serpent

This rifle has a fire serpent visual along with cool writing on it that shows the legacy of this skin set. It fits into the category of more expensive items in CS:GO with a price tag of around $4,000. However, this is only for factory new and minimal wear versions. The rest will cost you about $200.

AUG | Akihabara Accept

That’s one of the most popular AUG skins in CS:GO. However, not many players actually own one, and you won’t see it that often in a game. It came with The Rising Sun Collection and had an anime pattern with a combination of blue and white. The current value is around $1,500.

Bayonet Gamma Doppler

Bayonet Gamma Doppler can be found in cases with the same name. It has a translucent blue and green color with gradient progression. It’s a very nice-looking knife that’s popular with many players. Even though it’s fairly common and lots of people have it, the factory’s new version costs around $1,900.

M9 Bayonet Autotronic StatTrak AK-47 Case Hardened

Shortly after the StatTrack M4A4 was sold, making it the most paid CS:GO item so far, another purchase topped that number. AK-47 Case Hardened StatTrak was sold for $150,000.

That’s a one-of-a-kind AK that has minimal wear and Katowice stickers from 2014. This item was also in the Arms Deal Collection and had a unique pattern.

Gut Knife Freehand

Many people think that this is the coolest knife in the game. Even though it’s not that expensive and its price is usually around $200, it has an amazing design. However, not many people buy or wear it because of its lower price.

Bowie Knife Doppler

This knife is meant for bloody combat. It has black paint with a silver line on the edges. The middle has marbelizing red effects along with shady spots. The highest recorded price for this knife was almost $2000 in 2017.

Driver Gloves Lunar Weave

These gloves are officially the most expensive ones in the game. The highest recorded sell price is around $1,800. They have a killer look combining black leather and midnight blue decorations. When you’re holding your knife in-game with these glows, it shows that you’re out for blood.

Sport Gloves Hedge Maze

These gloves instantly gained popularity when released in 2016, and there is still a good demand for them. That’s why they’ve held their price quite well. They have a characteristic green pattern that makes them unique.

Specialist Gloves Emerald Web

Specialist Gloves are similar to sports gloves, but they have a black combination to them. They have amazing quality and are really popular. Their current price is around $700.

Falchion Knife | Marble Fade

A colorful knife skin with a curved edge, the pain has a combination of blue, yellow, and red. The metallic painting makes the knife look different at different angles. Current price: $750.

Hand Wraps Slaughter

The second most expensive gloves in the game. A simple urban print with black painting, what more do you need? This skin costs around $1,700.


Bear in mind that the prices of skins change every day. That’s what the prices were on the day of writing our post. Make sure to check the current prices before buying something. We hope you had fun reading this post!

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