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While the next-gen console owners await the release of new titles with bated breath, the rest of the gaming world waits around for nobody, and there looks to be more than a few exciting developments on the horizon.

What do these developments entail, exactly? Read on to find out.

Cloud Gaming

Among others, PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, and Shadow have been proving that a cloud-based game-streaming service can (in many ways) be the best way to access the modern world’s expansive range of exquisite titles.

Provided you have the internet connection to support your cloud-gaming needs, this can be—and has been for many for a long time—a great way of saving money and accessing titles that may have otherwise been out of your reach.

As cloud gaming becomes more popular, perhaps $21.95 billion popular according to Yahoo Finance, there is a good chance other media streaming platforms will jump on the bandwagon too—Netflix Gaming, anyone?

A Rise in Casino Gaming

Cryptocurrency is still a polarizing subject in many circles, but there is little question about its meteoric rise to stardom, particularity in 2021—a year that saw some ludicrously expensive NFTs change hands over the cyber highway.

Another impact that the popularity of crypto could have, however, includes a rise in casino gaming.

Blockchain technology often promises safer and more secure methods of exchanging monetary tokens online, possibly resulting in greater levels of audience trust when it comes to taking part in online casino gaming.

The ease by which crypto can be transferred and encrypted makes this currency an enticing point of interest for casino operators everywhere, so get familiar with crypto gaming this year: it might be the next big wave in the virtual world.


Virtual reality gaming has come a long way since its inception, but it is still not as popular or as advanced as people need it to be for it to truly kick-off.

This might all change in 2022, as plenty of great games are ready to lead the way and push the boundaries of possibility.

Sometimes, it just takes one great game to skyrocket a console or a gaming trend toward success—just look at Halo.

Indie Gaming Extravaganza

The wild popularity of Among Us (and the many memes that it spawned) proved that indie games are appealing to all types of gamers—hardcore and casual alike.

For those of you still waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong, you will probably be all too aware of how wonderfully ensnaring the world of indie gaming can be.

Thanks to platforms such as Roblox, a real challenger to Steam, a neat amalgamation of the game platform and game development has a chance to take shape online, providing its 199 million monthly users with a wealth of entertainment.

This is not only great for the world of indie gaming, but it can inspire creators everywhere to work on titles of their very own, which works wonders for both developer and gamer in one centralized, virtual location.

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