According to the press release published last January 10, 2022, Galaxy Heroes officially launched its NFT marketplace. Creators are free to access the NFT marketplace, which is facilitated on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), especially if they’re looking to mint and sell NFTs affordably.

After releasing Galaxy Heroes’ second GHC collection, which contained 2500 villains, it immediately got sold out. What preceded this particular sale was an offer of 2500 superheroes that were randomly generated. Those who acquired the NFTs received various attributes and rarities for both offers, which meant some were more valuable than others.

Those who own the GHC and Superheroes Collection can stake their NFTs if they want to earn a passive BNB income since they can earn rewards from the market’s listing and transaction fees. It’s worth noting that the rewards they can earn varies according to the staked NFT’s rarity. In other words, those who stake rare GHC NFTs will be able to earn more rewards than those with NFTs that aren’t as valuable.

The NFT marketplace continues to thrive and gain traction, even now that we’re already in the middle of January 2022. At this time, the market has more than 100 Heroes from the Collection and auctioned between 1 and 100 BNB. Not only that, but the market currently lists almost 350 epic heroes and villains.


Galaxy Heroes founder Brian Sumner said the following regarding the recent launch:


Listing Fees Reduced by 10x

The foundation of the new Galaxy Heroes NFT marketplace follows a user-centric approach, which is why so many crypto enthusiasts are intrigued by it. However, one particular development came with the launch that’s considered an excellent strategic step.

Namely, the Galaxy Heroes team drastically cut back the market’s listing cost by 10X. From what used to be 0.1 BNB, the listing fees are now only 0.01 BNB. The team found the initial fee to be too high, ultimately becoming counterproductive to the kind of NFT marketplace they wanted to create.

However, the marketplace will still charge users a 2% fee for every successful sale. Unlike other marketplaces that channel the acquired funds towards their coffers, Galaxy Heroes will redirect all the generated revenue to buyers and collectors of the GHC NFTs. In other words, the activities and transactions done within the marketplace will directly benefit the NFT holders.

Essential Navigation Improvements

Among other things, this recent launch also brought about critical improvements to the marketplace’s overall user experience. For example, users can now easily navigate the marketplace and quickly browse through any of the items’ aesthetics. With the new improvements, they can easily differentiate the various attributes of the NFTs without needing to move between lists.


Other than that, the Galaxy Heroes team also introduced a brand-new filter system. This new system can undoubtedly come in handy for the users, as they can now search for their desired NFTs according to price, criteria, auction time, etc.

The GHC Coin Can Also Rake in Benefits

Of course, the current success of the marketplace will also benefit the GHC coin, a BEP-20 compliant token driven by the community. The GHC coin circulates within the BSC network due to its affordable trading fees. At this time, more than 25 crypto exchanges already list the up-and-coming token, including renowned platforms such as MEXC Global and

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