As we all know, smartphones have developed and improved rapidly over the years and the days of using your phone to just ring someone are long gone.

It’s now a multi-functioning device, which allows you to do so many things. From taking advantage of the latest no deposit casino bonus offers to have a spin on the roulette wheel or booking an appointment at a local restaurant, there’s plenty you can do at the click of just a few buttons.

As the uses for our phones grow, you need to be in a position to understand the ways to get the most out of your device, and here we identify six things that can help.

Maximize battery life

With our reliance on phones increasing, the battery life doesn’t seem to last as long.

However, you can combat that in a few ways. Firstly, going on low power mode will help and you can also identify which apps are draining the battery and you can limit your time on them or delete them if they aren’t necessary.

Add a microphone

Many use their phone to capture all sorts of moments in their life, whether they are out partying or for a family snap.

Whilst most phones are great for that, taking videos can be tougher as you need the sound to be perfect as well. You can improve that by adding a microphone, which will give you a more professional look and improve the quality of the videos you take.

Backup your photos

Following on from that, with the phone becoming the main camera for many people, it’s important that you back up the photos you take, which can be done from your device.

There are several different ways to do just that, meaning that you won’t lose out on the special pictures you have taken that will bring back so many memories.


Another way you can get the most out of your phone is by screencasting. This will allow you to transmit what’s on your device on to a TV, providing it is compatible with the phone.

You may not find a use for it all the time but we all watch different things on our phone and this will enable you to watch on a much bigger screen and it’s pretty easy to do once you know-how.

Use the do not disturb feature

A phone is also a critical tool for any businessmen and women out there, with its importance in marketing increasing. As well as that, you can be in contact, either on the phone or by text, to colleagues and clients all day.

So, for some, your phone can be constantly going off and making noises. However, using the Do Not Disturb option, you will ensure you get peace and quiet, whether you just want to clear your head from work thoughts for a few hours or you don’t want to be interrupted during an important meeting.

Manage your time on your phone

Finally, some will want to manage the tasks they do and even the amount of time they spend on a phone.

That can be a real problem for some people, who are constantly looking at their small screens all day. If you feel that it’s a problem for you, there are different things to do. Firstly, you can get updates on how long you spend on the phone, whilst you can also ensure specific apps aren’t available until certain times, which should help prevent you from getting distracted during the day.

Overall, smartphones now have a prominent role in our lives but some still may not understand the different ways your device can help you or the ways you can manage what you do but these little things can be useful to make things better.

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