The ongoing pandemic will change the way we travel in 2020. Even if you maintain the recommended distance from others and adhere to the strictest personal hygiene standards, traveling by train or plane seems a bit of a risk. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising if many would stick to good old-fashioned road trips, at least for a while.

The problem with road trips is that they are boring. You can only watch the scenery for so long before you doze off – and we all know how uncomfortable sleeping in a car can be. Luckily, there are many ways to kill time on the road – and their number is growing as we speak.

Phone-first streaming

One of the most popular ways to kill time while traveling is watching videos on your phone. The internet has a lot of that – YouTube alone sees 300 hours of videos uploaded to it every single minute. And YouTube is just one of the many services providing their users with content to consume on the go.

Quibi, the brand streaming service, stands out by offering something unique: videos created with mobile screens in mind. No matter if you watch horizontally or vertically, the content remains equally enjoyable on the screen of your pocket-sized supercomputer. The service has loads of original content, and its library is growing.

Books are cool

Reading a book is like going on a journey in another world – it can be a far-off planet, an alternate dimension, or the mind of a child exploring a backyard for the first time.

Some say reading is an activity that slowly goes out of fashion, replaced by all the forms of digital entertainment available today. This is not entirely true, though – books are still very much alive, and they even found their way on smartphones.

Reading is one of the best ways to kill time on a road trip. No matter if you read a printed one (preferred by many because of the smell and the feeling of turning the pages) or an ebook from Amazon or Scribd, it will keep you company for hours on end.

Take great pictures

One of the best things about today’s smartphones is that they have great cameras. This means that you can turn an otherwise boring trip spent on the passenger seat into a photography session that can be as exciting as it gets.

If you wonder how to take great pictures from a moving car, there is a setting for that – or an app if your built-in camera software is dumbed-down. You need to set the shutter speed to at least 1/1000 to avoid your pictures to be blurry or set the camera to the “running man” setting; then, you’re good to go.

On a road trip – especially a long one – you can encounter many unique things worthy of snapping a picture of. Hunting for those and immortalizing them will not only chase boredom away but maybe earn you some likes on Instagram, too.

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