How to Gather Lollipops and Candy for Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event

With the Fall update going online last week, the Halloween season is taking over Animal Crossing New Horizons by storm. Because of the Fall update, pumpkin crafting materials are now available in-game to farm and harvest. Pumpkins can be used to customize and craft various Halloween-inspired items called Spooky Set.

The Spooky Set is comprised of 17 various Halloween-themed items. A few of which can be purchased from the Nook’s Cranny in order for players to learn and craft the DIY recipes received from villagers.

However, some recipes and items of the Spooky Set can only be obtained during the exclusive Halloween event on October 31 and will require candies to purchase. Luckily, Animal Crossing New Horizon enthusiasts and YouTube Mayor Mori has revealed a few methods in gathering more candies for the Halloween event.

For starters, players can purchase candies from the Nook’s Cranny for 120 Bells each. Sadly, Tommy and Timmy are only going to sell one candy per customer each day. The event is still a few weeks away which means players still have a lot of chances in obtaining candies up to October 31. However, given how random items are provided in the game, optimizing the collection of candies is the best way to guarantee a player gets all of the items included in the Spooky Set.

Apart from purchasing candy on their own island, players can visit a friend’s island via the Dodo Airlines to buy candy at the Nook’s Cranny over there. However, similar to one’s own Nook Crann, they will be able to purchase only one candy per day.

Another way of obtaining extra candies is to make a secondary character and play them to purchase candy from the Nook Cranny. Each island resident can purchase their own candy every day and then drop it anywhere on the island for the main character to pick up.

Aside from these, players can also get extra candy from villagers. However, players must first wear Halloween costumes and visit their neighbors on Halloween. If a villager is impressed with the player’s costume, they will give a candy.

During the same event, giving Jack a candy will reward players with a replica of his outfit. After obtaining his costume, players can dress up like Jack and surprise unwary villagers into giving more candies. It is worth noting that players can only scare each villager once while wearing Jack’s outfit.

While there are numerous ways of gathering candies until the Halloween event, there is another kind of candy players will need to obtain called lollipops. Lollipops are Jack’s candy and it’s what players need to give to him in exchange for the Spooky Set items only available from him.

To gather lollipops, players should share their candies with villagers on October 31. In exchange for the candy, villagers will either give a random spooky DIY recipe, spooky item or lollipop. As of writing, this is the only confirmed way of getting lollipops. Therefore, attending the Halloween event with as much candy is a great idea.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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