Demo Details About Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Has Been Leaked

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix revealed that there would be a playable demo for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, but it didn’t reveal a lot of information about the demo asides from that.

The developer only said that fans can expect the demo sometime in mid-October and that it will only be released in Japan, although a Western release was also being considered during that time.

Now, we have more details about the demo, and it’s all thanks to Microsoft. For more context, it appears that Microsoft made a mistake and unintentionally published Melody of Memory’s demo page on the Xbox website way earlier than it was supposed to.

Of course, the company had to quickly take down the page, but not before a lot of fans were already able to peruse its contents and read the information found there. In fact, one fan who goes by ALumia_Italia on Twitter was able to take a screenshot of the page.

As you can see on the posted screenshot, the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory demo will have four Field Battle Music Stages and 2 Co-Op Music Stages. The Field Battle Music Stages are the different levels that you can play in either the World Tour Mode or the game’s story mode. As for the Co-Op Music Stages, well, the name itself is already self-explanatory.

The page also notes that if you try out the demo, you will not be able to transfer your saved demo data to the full game. This also means that if you earn any achievements from playing the demo, you will have to obtain them all over again once you purchase the full title.

In any case, this makes sense since the Field Battle Music Stages are pretty much intertwined with the game’s story mode.

It’s definitely worth noting that the accidentally-published content was posted to the English version of Microsoft’s Xbox site. An Xbox page containing information on the demo’s Japanese version was already made before.

So, the fact that the published content was in English could indicate that Square Enix decided to release a demo on the Western side of the globe after all.


That being said, the page didn’t mention when the Melody of Memory demo will be released in either Japan or the West, so we’ll continue to play the waiting game for now. We believe that fans won’t have to wait too long, though.

After all, the demo’s initial release date was sometime in mid-October, and since we’re already on the second week of the month, we’re sure that more details about the demo as well as its release date should come to light anytime soon.

Once the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory demo is launched though, you can expect that it will play like your usual Kingdom Hearts game. We can say this with certainty because eSports player Kasumi Ashizawa tested it during the Tokyo Game Show, and he said that the controls worked similarly to the other games in the franchise.

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