Adidas Xbox 360 Inspired Shoes Revealed

Adidas’ latest and greatest collaboration – a line of special Xbox-themed shoes created to commemorate the console brand’s 20th anniversary – has gamers and sneakerheads alike ecstatic. While the first model of the highly anticipated collaboration, an homage to the original Xbox, was already revealed, Adidas is now revealing a first look at the next pair, modeled after the fan-favorite Xbox 360.

The two massive brands collaborating was first reported in May of this year, with Complex citing anonymous sources to say Adidas would release Xbox-branded shoes in June. The anonymous sources were correct, though the timing was possibly off by a few months.

The Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes, which are currently only available on Adidas’ Canadian website, are a sight to behold. As the name suggests, the new design is inspired by the Xbox 360 and is based on Adidas’ popular Forum Mid model.

The 360’s light electric green sole appears on the shoe’s sole, while the console’s bright white body appears on the shoe’s upper. The upper straps of the Xbox 360 Forum Mids are emblazoned with the silver disc drive slot, paying homage to the system’s components as well. The iconic Xbox logo below the ankle, in its 360-era incarnation, ties the look together.

The Xbox 360 Forum Mid shoes are priced at C$200 (approximately $160 USD) and will be available on October 30. The shoes join the Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers, which were announced just a few days ago, to form a dynamic footwear line.

The Xbox 20th Forum Tech shoes are a vibrant green with black paneling and translucent highlights throughout, as opposed to the Xbox 360 Forum Mids. The models are far from the last Adidas will release, with Xbox’s Marketing Manager stating that additional shoes honoring Xbox’s legacy will be released “over the next few months.”

While the Xbox 20th anniversary Adidas collaboration has gotten a lot of attention, it isn’t the only console brand getting in on the custom footwear trend. NBA superstar Paul George collaborated with Nike and Sony a few months ago to release PlayStation 5-themed shoes. The PG-13s, which are based on Nike’s PG 5 basketball shoe model, feature all of the key features of the PS5, including the PS5’s loading screen and logo, white outer shell, and gradient blue underglow. The upper of the shoe even has a small print of PlayStation button symbols.

Adidas’ Xbox 20th anniversary shoes are expected to sell out quickly, so those interested should set up notifications for when the shoes go on sale. The Sole Supplier makes retro video game console shoes, all with plenty of thoughtful detail, for those who wish a more obscure console would get its own shoe line.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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