Monster Hunter Rise Will Not Have Crossplay/Cross Save Support

Capcom finally confirmed the details surrounding Monster Hunter Rise’s upcoming PC port late last month. The most recent entry in the once-niche action-RPG series debuted on the Switch in March 2021 and will remain an exclusive title until the PC port is released in January. Because it’s on PC, the Monster Hunter Rise port will include customizable controls, 4K resolution, uncapped framerates, high-resolution textures, and a few other extras.

Although the PC port of Monster Hunter Rise appears to have a lot going for it, Capcom has just announced that a fan-requested feature will not be included in the PC version of the game, which may irritate some die-hard series fans.


Capcom confirmed today on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account that when Monster Hunter Rise launches on PC next year, it will not support cross-play or cross-save. This essentially means that any Switch players who were hoping to play with friends on PC and vice versa will be unable to do so for the time being. There will also be no way to transfer save data between platforms, forcing players to restart their progress once the PC version is released.

Despite fan requests to include this feature in the PC port, Capcom is “unable to implement [crossplay and crossave] at this time.” This is also true for the new Monster Hunter Rise expansion, which will be released next summer, as Sunbreak will not include these desired features.

Those interested in playing Monster Hunter Rise on PC can look forward to a free demo on Steam on October 13. It’s almost exactly the same demo that was released on the Switch, giving hunters the opportunity to try out all 14 weapons and battle the flagship beast, Magnamalo, among other monsters.

The Sunbreak expansion for Rise will be released simultaneously on PC and Switch, and it will feature a new storyline, as well as a new base of operations, new locales, new monsters, new gameplay elements, and the new Master quest rank to challenge even the most seasoned hunters, similar to the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter: World.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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