Why is link building important?

Google’s algorithms are very dynamic, with hundreds of vectors and factors to evaluate each search. Even as web browsers become more advanced, they will continue to rely on users and third parties to help them identify what content is meaningful. Search engines use links to fill in the gaps.

Proper link building is where most businesses and even SEOs fail. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Without link building, the website’s chances of ranking on Google’s first list are pretty low. Link building is among the most important, if not the ONLY important, task you must complete.

Backlinks serve a pragmatic role for the website in addition to algorithmic benefits:

  • Provides referral traffic
  • Indexes orphaned or isolated pages
  • Offers readers with on-page value
  • can be used as a research citation.
  • Establishes associations within your current industry

So, it’s right about time to get innovative with your link-building strategies.

Here’s how:

Advanced link-building strategies

1. Prioritize your prospects

Given a chance, businesses should always opt for link prospects with high authority that claim to generate traffic and bring in SEO benefits. It doesn’t imply that you should only aim for the big fish and overlook the low authority domains.

Always research your prospects- this step is usually undertaken manually and holds great value. Hence it is not advisable to outsource the same.

When you examine the metrics of your prospect websites, search for their DR/DA, the number of keywords they rate for, and the number of referring domains they have. It will offer you a clear indication of whether or not the website is of high quality. Most of those factors should ideally be as high as possible. Once you have data about the website’s growth potential, you can add it to your outreach list.

2. Competitor research

What are your competitors’ backlink strategies? Keep a tab on them to see where their links come from and what anchor texts they’re using. You don’t have to imitate them, but take ideas from them. You will see a rundown of all your competitors’ links that you haven’t included in your SEO promotions. All of these are link opportunities.

You may, for instance, email sites or individuals that connect to your competitors and offer them even better content. Make it worth it for them to link back to you. This way, you are increasing the odds of getting backlinks from sites providing link juice to your competitors. You can do all these yourself or hire a link building agency.

3. Broken link building

Broken link building is the same technique as link reclamation, except it uses broken backlinks from all over the internet. Broken backlinks, also known as broken inbound links, are broken links from third-party websites that point to your website.

It suggests that you have a link from another site that now leads to a 404 error. So those backlinks were directing visitors to your site in search of a particular page that you’d now removed or updated elsewhere.


To keep the link juice flowing and improve your advanced link building plan, find all the broken backlinks and rebuild them. You can use this Google Chrome extension to detect broken backlinks to your site and fix them in the interim.

4. Create high-quality content

What does high-quality content look like?

Content such as research data, case studies, and industry news coverage is bound to get lots of links. Other content such as ‘How To’ posts, visual content, videos, listicles, and reviews – can also create incoming links, even though they are dependent on existing content.

How do you develop high-quality content?

Most marketers rely on research to develop high-quality content. Once you have enough exciting research data, you can write content and publish it on your website.

Gary Vee owns a winery, but his followers recognize him for his life lessons and inspirational quotes. He’s also renowned for churning out massive content in a single day. For your advanced link-building approach, you should use the same content model because it can help you produce more content in less time and commitment.


5. Influencer link building

Influencers are individuals who have devoted, pre-existing communities in specific niches. They are actively producing content to develop and engage their fan base. As a result, they can be an essential part of the advanced link-building technique.

Influencer link building is constructive because it connects you to a pre-established audience of like-minded people. When they advertise your content, products, and services to their audiences, they will become brand ambassadors, enabling you to gain backlinks.

Track influencers with websites using influencer networks like Intellifluence or Upfluence. If you identify influencers that are relevant to your brand, contact them to explore future promotion opportunities.

6. Guestographics

Guestographics are an excellent way to create links to certain sites that are more difficult to promote. Guestographics would be a good fit for any website that needs exact anchor linking or is less engaging in design, such as a sales page.

Remember this little formula: ‘Great Content + Targeted Outreach + Added Value = Links’

To find trending content in your industry, use tools like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs Content Explorer. Consider how you can make an infographic out of a trending subject or evergreen content. Instead of writing a guest post on the topic, create a high-quality infographic with a link back to your website.


Although Google aims to reward excellent content with higher rankings, the link-building technique is becoming more innovative. The rules of link building may change every few years or so, but its utility remains the same. Follow these steps carefully, modify them according to your specific needs and resources, and watch your link profile develop.

Moreover, follow Google’s guidance to avoid shooting yourself in the foot while attempting to expand your market. We recommend that you develop natural links ingeniously and try to generate a lot of buzz around your business. Google’s algorithms are continually updated to detect unnatural links; a penalty is the last thing you want to deal with when you try to expand your business.

Take your business to new heights by implementing any of these link-building strategies, or hire a link building company to assist you!

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