Craps is one of the simple casino selections that appear complicated at first sight. If you’re playing in a live casino, you will often have to deal with shouts from enthusiasts and the dizzying speeds of dice rolling. Craps is a colorful game that involves dice and a special craps table with at least 12 betting selections. To profit, you must use a craps advanced strategy, roll a die, and stake on the outcome. Unlike other dice games, participants must stake and wait until the shooter rolls a target or a point and hope the same number comes up in another throw. 

Right off the bat, craps is a game of luck and chance. However, one can master a few pointers and become a champion. Many modern New Jersey online casinos offering craps have different features, including rewards and bonuses, and experts always write about it in their reviews. Instead of trying to alter luck, wise gamers capitalize on the best mathematical craps strategy. It helps them create perfect circumstances to earn higher. Check out these top advanced craps strategies to improve your winnings and beat the game at your pace. 

Craps Buy Bets 

The Buy bet is a craps betting strategy that involves paying a 5% commission on your stake. When you score a winner, the host will pay your true odds after deducting the commission. Gamblers must put their chips in the Come box and tell the dealer the number they want to buy. Then, the dealer would select their chips and move them to the proper point box. After this, he will place a special “buy” button on the chips. Reviews show that the  Buy bets are available in low deposit casinos but are mostly played at physical locations. It allows gamblers to decrease, increase, or remove their stake anytime.

The Buy bet is also one of the best craps strategies since it pays true odds. In other words, there is a low house edge. The craps bets are better on 4 and 10 than on 5 and 9, with a 0.32% advantage with vig on winning. But stakes on 5 and 9 are better than on 6 and 8, with a 0.26% advantage. 

Craps Lay Bets 

The Lay bet is another advanced craps strategy to stake on-point numbers that don’t often appear. For example, if you’re betting on a 4 or 10, you can tell the stickman to “Lay 4”. If a 7 appears before a 4, you profit. As a result, it is simple and easy to understand since it allows staking against certain numbers. Interestingly, it can require multiple throws to be resolved. Like the Buy bets, the Place bets pay true odds and require a 5% commission. 

A Lay bet is the opposite of a Buy bet. Gamblers must predict that a number will be rolled before another one. For instance, if 5 is laid, the shooter must throw another number, like 7, before 5. If the dice lands on 7 before showing 5, you win. However, if 5 is rolled first, you lose. The Lay bet is also referred to as “No Bet.” 

Craps Place Bet 

The Place bets are most valuable when the shooter is rolling many numbers, as it offers payment each time the number is repeated. There are generally two types of place bets: “Place To Win” and “Place To Lose.” On a place bet, you can stake on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 as desired. You profit if any selected number rolls before the 7 and lose if 7 rolls before your number. 

Place to Lose

The Place to Lose Bet allows you to wager on the shooter’s chance of rolling a 7 before rolling any of the selected numbers. It is the opposite of the Place To Win bet. Instead of gaming alone on your phone, you can throw a craps party and play craps with friends. There are generally three possible outcomes for a place bet strategy. You can profit if your place number appears or lose if a 7 appears first. However, the result can be void if any other number appears apart from the placed numbers and 7. 

Putting It All Together 

There are more than 3 ways to profit from craps, but these four are the most popular. Regardless, you won’t enjoy any success with it if you don’t understand craps rules, regulations, and glossaries. More importantly, like Cat Hulbert, who got rich beating male opponents, you must find the best craps strategy that works. A player can’t do much to manipulate or predict the result of a single roll. However, you can ride the outcome with varying stakes, use higher odds, and pay less in commission. 


All craps are based on probability. The gameplay is similar in physical and virtual betting centers. But it does require that players have basic knowledge of the rules and online casino craps strategy. For instance, why are some payouts higher than others? We recommend you always check the dice chart rule and the regulation of the house you’re gambling at to know the expected payouts before staking. Not just this, but try game centers that offer demo options so that you practice on free craps accounts first before risking real money. We also recommend you try the Buy bet as the best technique, but you can combine it with other tactics as you see fit. 

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