All The Confirmed Details For Apex Legend Season 7 So Far

Respawn Entertainment has been working their asses off in order to provide new content for Apex Legends. Now, fans finally know what to expect for the game’s season 7 when it releases in a few days.

Apex Legends’ seventh season, titled Ascension, is scheduled for a November 5 release. Fans all over the world are hyped to see what new things are coming to the game. So, we have listed every new content confirmed to be added to the game for its next season.


The seventh season of Apex Legends will be adding a new map called Olympus. The map will feature a destroyed city and the developers have teased that it will have a huge hole at the center which will be fatal for all players who mistakenly fall into the trap. However, they can also utilize the hole to their leverage since they can try to push enemies into the area.


Horizon is the newest character coming to Apex Legends. She comes from Olympus and has a really tragic backstory. According to the story trailer released a few days ago, she was deceived by a close friend while she was trying to save Olympus from chaos. Despite being stuck inside a black hole for a relatively short time, time passed quickly on Olympus and when she arrived, her home was ravaged and her son dead.

Fans have yet to determine how her skills will perform on the battlefield. According to leaks, her skills will be focused on controlling gravity. However, fans will have to wait until the developers release her gameplay trailer in the near future.

Other New Features

According to Respawn Entertainment, the new map will be expansive, and to make it easier for players to explore it, vehicles will be introduced during season 7. One vehicle coming to Apex Legends Season 7 is called Trident which can carry an entire squad perfectly.

The developers will also be adding Clubs to Apex Legends in season 7. According to the development team, players will be able to enter these clubs and play with their friends and fellow players.

The seventh season of Apex Legends is guaranteed to add tons of fun and exciting new features to the popular battle royale game. In addition, players can also anticipate a more generous battle pass full of new items and new skins for fans to collect. Luckily, the new update will be released in the next couple of days so players won’t have to wait that long to enjoy the new season.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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