Riot Games Postpones Valorant 1.11 Update

The initial hype for Valorant may have died down a little bit, but this doesn’t mean that Riot Games’ 5v5 team shooter is any less successful now. However, not everything has been going smoothly behind the scenes, as according to the team of developers working on the game, the most recent Valorant update has apparently been a “technical nightmare.”

As a result, Riot Games has announced that it will be rolling back the latest update and will release it at a later date. Only a few hours ago, the official Valorant Twitter account broke the news that the latest update would be rolled back in the following countries one at a time: North America, Brazil, and LATAM.

Even though bugs and glitches are always pesky to experience, the latest issues associated with update 1.11 is just too much for the developers to handle. Thus, Riot Games has decided to step back from its public release.

Valorant’s developer informed the players that it will release the update within the week.

We can imagine that some fans may be disappointed by this announcement, especially since this latest update will introduce the new Agent, Skye. Not only that, but changes have been made to Breach, Cypher, and Killjoy.

Due to Riot Games’ decision to roll back the update, those who already started on a Skye contract will have to put any kind of progress on pause. Fortunately, this means that you will be able to continue where you left off as soon as Riot Games redeploys the update.

Issues such as this one play a big role as to why players wanted Valorant to have a test server, which is something that Riot Games has set up for its other popular title League of Legends.

On the bright side, public test servers will be making its way to Valorant, but it’s already too late for patch 1.11. You see, test servers are important because they allow you to try out the game and get a deeper understanding of the new characters, balance changes, and much more, all while being able to send the developer your feedback.

Test servers aren’t only beneficial to the players, as well. On Riot Games’ corner, test servers are a huge help when it comes to nightmare updates like this latest one. Furthermore, the developer will be able to find the root cause of a problem and make changes from there in order to stop the issues from spreading.


Riot Games recently only started Valorant Act 3, which brought with it a new map called Icebox, a new Agent called Skye, and so much more. Patch 1.10 had a pretty smooth-sailing release compared to 1.11, but hopefully, everything will be sorted out once Riot re-releases the update within the next few days.

In other news, fans have been looking forward to all the possible new additions in future Valorant updates, such as the potential snowball-themed mode that dataminers found in the game’s data.

Of course, one can only hope that future Valorant patches will be released in a much smoother fashion compared to 1.11. We’re sure that Riot Games will be able to smooth over hiccups more easily as soon as the test servers get launched, though.

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