There’s an upcoming DLC soon releasing for the “Resident Evil 4” remake, and for sure, this is bound to make playing the game even more exciting. Here is everything we know so far about the DLC, “Separate Ways,” albeit rumored. 

About The ‘Separate Ways’ DLC

Players and fans of the original “Resident Evil 4” game could remember “Separate Ways” as a side-story and minigame available alongside that main game. In it, players assume the role of Ada Wong, a spy in “Resident Evil” of Asian-American descent, rather than the main protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy, who is usually the players’ character. 

Wong also has fantastic abilities of her own, making her deserving of being played as the main character, too. These include new attacks, better agility, and a hook shot tool for added mobility, all making the minigame the ultimate favorite.

Now that a “Separate Ways” DLC is rumored to be coming forward soon, so many changes could happen. “Separate Ways” features a second mission with Wong, one that expands her role and expounds on what she was doing while Kennedy was saving the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. “Separate Ways” is more detailed than “Assignment Ada.”

Release Date

So far, we can only rely on rumors about the “Separate Ways” DLC, including its release date. A Twitter netizen with the username @AestheticGamer1 leaked that this DLC may be released, or announced before the end of 2023. Considering where we are right now, that’s not too far away. But until now, there are few to no official details yet about the DLC. 

“I said this both before RE:4 came out & a month or so ago, but I wouldn’t expect to see RE9 this year, & be VERY surprised if it was revealed this year,” @AestheticGamer1 tweeted. ”Separate Ways DLC for RE:4 I do expect to be revealed before the year is up though. It’ll be pretty meaty for a DLC too.”

What Will Be The Content?

We know you are dying to know what the content of the “Separate Ways” DLC will be. Here’s what we know so far. 

First of all, @AestheticGamer1 hinted that the DLC’s content will be “pretty meaty,” suggesting that gamers may get even more content than what they got in the original “Separate Ways” minigame. 

Also, following the release of “Separate Ways,” should it really come to fruition, Capcom, the video game company behind “Resident Evil,” could release even more new games and additional content. Some speculate that a “Resident Evil 5” or “Resident Evil 9” is just on the horizon.

Okay, that’s all we know for now about the “Separate Ways” DLC for “Resident Evil 4 Remake.” So far, everything is just speculation. Capcom has not confirmed any of those yet.

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